Unstill Life

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♪ The wheels on the fruit go round and round… ♫

finally! a white shirt! in for one.

Oh man. That banana’s gonna get hurt if he falls forward…

is this “American Apparel” or “Fruit of the Loom”

Is it just me… or does the end of the banana look a lot like a… well… ahem… you know…

Needs more color or fruits

Fruit with limbs: the pinnacle of genetic engineering.

knock knock

who’s there


orange who

orange you glad I didn’t say banana

Orange you glad I didn’t skate banana?

Wow - at first glance it looked like the orange had a bullet hole in his head.

poor peaches and pears got left out:(

Fruit X games…but it is kind of a-peeling and I am tempted, although I fear it might encourage driving with one’s eyes closed…they look so happy about it though.

I figured there’d be some Fruit of the Loom joke, but no.

At least the Banana does not have a phone.

They look like characters from a rejected episode of Schoolhouse Rock.

Hahah, this is hilarious! Now how am I gonna draw them if they won’t stay still!!!

Super super congrats to Andy. Way to go man!

So I just noticed they don’t have their eyes open. That can’t be safe… then you’ll have fruit smoothie all over the ground.