Unstill Life

Dirty! Think of the children!


Is that banana happy to see me?

True that. I’m gonna say it was Professor Plum that did it…in the kitchen and with the revolver.

I’m guessing they’re running from the Wiggles

one of the main reasons I’m not sure I’ll be buying this is because it’s white :frowning:

I think Walmazan would have done this better.

At least this shirt isn’t cheesy.

As a culinary student and a lover of fine woot shirts, I want to wear this around my campus and gloat in the cleverness and awesomeness that is this shirt.

Looks like a drive-by fruiting is about to happen

But it’s easy. Whatever you spill, just spread a little more of it to make a bigger smudge in the shape of a fruit of that color. Voila! You’ve just turned your stain into an attractive new addition to your shirt!

not one of those fruits has on a helmet! fruities never learn! if they were my fruits, you can bet your bottom dollar they would not only have helmets but knee and elbow pads as well.

Mrs. Doubtfire, yes? Or did I just make that up?

Odd, I thought text was not allowed on woot shirts…

I’m taking a drawing class right now so this is extra funny, but I don’t really have the bucks to spend on it.

Cool shirt, though! Congrats to the artist!

this is no derby

Isn’t text sometimes allowed in derbys?

Yes. Sometimes. But the derby rules do not necessarily apply to daily submissions.

Especially considering that they seem to have forks for hands.

All the cool still-life fruits skate in bowls.

Awww, what’s wrong, you don’t like Fruit by the Foot? Or, perhaps Fruit by the Inch… :X

They’re all gonna crash if they keep their eyes closed.