uNu Aero iPhone 5/5s Wireless Charging Case

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uNu Aero iPhone 5/5s Wireless Charging Case
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Reviews are Pretty Swell

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Hey since it doesn’t specify, does this come with the charging pad?

So… not Qi compatible? The wireless power universe is very much the wild west.

The description says it’s conductive charging, so not only isn’t it Qi compatible, it’s not really wireless. It has contacts on the back that need to physically touch the contacts on the charging pad.

Think cordless phone rather than toothbrush.

If it’s “wireless” because there are no wires running from the charger to the phone, then a nightlight is wireless because it plugs directly into an outlet without a cord.

I just ordered one. I’ve never had one like this or a Qi but I’m glad this one isn’t inductive. Induction chargers are very inefficient and the antenna and circuitry add to the thickness of the case.

In theory, using contacts like this should allow it to charge the phone as quickly as plugging it in, though one of the amazon reviews says it takes 4-5 hours for the iphone battery and the case battery. I don’t know how that would compare to plugged in / a Qi one.

So what? Who markets nightlights as “wireless”? Goofy analogy.

That whizzing sound is the point flying overhead. No one SHOULD be marketing this as “wireless”.

The point is, it’s not really wireless

I’d also like to know this. I’m in for one if it does. The ones on Amazon say they do, but the specs here don’t. Hoping that’s a mistake.

Yes, the charging mat is included.

Is there a charger connection for times when you are away from your charging mat, like in your car. It looks like there is a connection other than audio on the bottom?

Per this review on Amazon:

Keep in mind besides using the wireless pad to charge the phone, you can always a micro USB cable to charge the case as well in case of emergencies.

So just to verify, there is a way to charge the case non wirelessly via micro USB?

I liked it! And it is spot on. Both use conductive contact points not inductive current. Good discussion here.

Per another review on a different site:

*On the bottom of the case you’ll find the hole for the headphone jack, a small cutout for removing the case, and a micro-USB port. The micro-USB port is so you can charge without the mat or sync on your computer. *

Thanks! Also, are these refurbished or new?


You can see the condition under the price on the sale’s detail page. :slight_smile: