uNu DX+ iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

No, the iPhone is not included.

At least this one will sell fast.

I’d be in for one if it came with the iPhone

I got one of these last woot off, it’s on my desk charging right now. I like it, not love it, but it was worth it!

So, wait a minute…If I’m signed in and I want to buy something, I have to re-sign in again? Do not like.

at this point 9gag’s more interesting than this woot off… :frowning:

will it work with my maᴄ?

They don’t seem to have notified us that the iPhone is NOT included. I don’t want no stinking iPhone so I’m not buying.

No even the weird Photoshopped iPhone?

this product got some decent reviews on Amazon where it’s $59.95.

Does anyone but me hate the fact that the power connectors for these are not apple connectors, so that you must take the phone out of the case to connect to your computer or to your clock radio, etc. Is it some edict from Apple that they can’t be made that way?

If you are so anti-Apple, why are you even looking at an iPhone product?


There isn’t even an iPhone in the picture. It’s just a cardboard cutout that looks like an iPhone (which you might get without additional cost)

Thanks. So companies can make the male adapters just not the females.

I actually dislike Apple having the 30-pin connector only for their products. I like having microUSB connector so it is more universal. My take.

Got one last round with less mAh battery. This one is juicier - 2400mAh.

I’ve been trying to figure out why you could see the power connector. Cardboard! My quest is over. Passing on this.

on waiting list. sold out already, apparently.

I have to look at it to see that I don’t want it … don’t I? Jeeze.