uNu DX+ iPhone 4/4S Battery Case



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uNu DX+ iPhone 4/4S Battery Case
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Difference maker $8.99 here.


Hammer time!


New iPhones with new plug means lotsa old iPhone stuff to get rid of.


Is this different from what I bought here a few weeks ago? Why is it 9 bucks more? It is a very handy case to have. I’ll need a new one when the iP5 arrives though.

[MOD: Different model. This one has a + so it must be fancier]


Hi y’all –

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The Woot-off caught me in the middle of eating chicken wings. I missed the monkey trying to order without messing up the keyboard. :confused:


I bought one of these in one of the previous Woots. It really does give you a lot of extra juice for your iPhone. Excellent for a long road trip or long flight.

However, regular use is not suggested. The case is actually two halves, with one half sliding on the phone from the top, and the other sliding on from the bottom. With repeated use, the connection between the two halves wears out quickly, and the top will not stay on.

Overall, I like the case for the battery and I think this is a pretty good price.


Will this work with my
iPhone 5


Well, best to start off slow then finish strong. At least that’s what Grandpa used to say…


A lot of people won’t upgrade. I’m still using my 3GS.


We were going so good too…


Built-in battery + protective case + signal problem fix

“Signal problem fix”??? How can this BE? A signal problem? On an iPhone? Tell me it isn’t so.


I bought one from Woot back on July 1 as well for $19.99. A quick comparison shows that the model I bought is 1700mah and this is one 2400mah. Here’s the difference:

The DX+ model (on sale now)

Battery capacity: 2400mAh
Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.44" x 0.7"
Standby time: > 280 hours
Call time: > 7 hours (3G) / 13 hours (2G)
Browsing time: > 7 hours (3G) / 9 hours (Wi-Fi)
Music time: > 32 hours
Video time: > 10 hours

The DX model (the one I bought)

Capacity: 1700mAh
Dimensions: 4.72” x 2.44” x 0.67” (120 x 62 x 17mm)
Standby Time: >210 Hours
Call Time: >5 Hours (3G) / 10 Hours (2G)
Browsing Time: >5 Hours (3G) / 7 Hours (Wi-Fi)
Music Time: >28 Hours
Video Time: >7 Hours


^You don’t know about the infamous iPhone 4 signal problem? do you live in a cave?


Wow, I almost didn’t recognize you in that new outfit.


wont work with the new iphone 5 though!


that monkey was gone in a flash, i missed it and was sitting right here trying to get it!!!


No. iPhone 5 has a new 8-pin dock connector (Lightning connector).