uNu Ecopak: Pack the Eco!



Which color combo has you all charged up to find reviews?


Note that you need to connect the battery to the phone via cable in order to use the extra battery pack. Kind of weird.


I was wondering about that… you would think they would have a little U clip or something.


Thought this was really cool when i first saw it. Until I read your guys’ notes on having to connect the full cable. This isnt just weird this is silly. Why would I carry my cable around with me when the point is to be more compact, less in my pockets, but still have comfort knowing I have power.

I cant believe that it doesnt come with some sort of simple U-Connector I might have put up with that. My guess is they didnt want to pay the patent fees for the lightning connector and just assumed we’d all carry our 3 ft cable with us everywhere.


Appears as though it blocks the use of the camera when the battery is attached as well. I like the idea of having a way to charge the phone when away from any kind of outlet, but it doesn’t seem like there is any good reason to clip this thing to the phone itself…


I was just thinking this. We go to a festival every summer with no electricity, but there is AT&T service and we need our phones to stay coordinated so this would be handy. I would probably just keep the extra battery in a pocket of my backpack and plug the phone in if I need it.


As mentioned before…VERY IMPORTANT: YOU NEED TO USE A CABLE TO CONNECT THE BATTERY PACK TO THE PHONE!! The pictures are VERY deceiving!! Made the mistake of buying of one these a few months ago trusting the pictures…dont make the same mistake!


Sorry about the confusion with the cable. The description is clear though:

Detachable external battery provides USB port to charge any mobile phone using your Apple Lightning cable (not included) or USB charging cable. Includes snap on holder case for iPhone 5, 2500mAh battery and micro USB charging cable

Maybe this post will help others.


That makes it sounds like you can use it to charge a friend’s phone with the port. It should really specify that it won’t automatically charge your phone when just snapped in.


you have to hold our hands. we are the internet. it was at least unclear enough to prompt a search which was eventually satisfied at the unu site. far worse obfuscation has been committed in retail marketing.


The description maybe clear … but some of us like to see it in the pretty pictures (O.o) …

Still in for one though … Red/Black ftw!


Based on connectivity, I just can’t see this case being useful… The previous one I had for my old iPhone 4 was great (if a little heavy/thick), but this one doesn’t even seem convenient.


Always lots of iPhone stuff here and elsewhere but little or no Android accessories, etc…why when Android phones are outselling iPhones by a substantial margin as I understand it???


So many different shapes and sizes.


We all use micro USB though. :wink:
But I completely agree for cases and such.


It seems like it’d make more sense to carry a small external battery/charger in your bag/pocket, rather than keeping this unit clipped to your phone all the time, especially since you’ll need to have a cable to use it. You can get a nice 5000+ mAh external battery for the same price or less to keep on hand for emergencies.


I was so excited to see this, as I have been looking for a battery case for my i5. Then I saw this picture. This has got to be one of the worst designed (not to mention low-quality-looking) products I have ever seen. The fact that they were trying to market this ugly/cheap case and the external battery and cable for 79.99 is hilarious!


Yep, agree. I ordered a couple anyway, but am not hopeful. Mophie has some really good options on that front and if you search a bit online you may find some nice post-CES coupons for 20+% off.


I purchased this charger and all said and done. Its a external charge you have to plug in to your phone. It really don’t snap together as the picture shows. But it is nice to have a another battery if you at a location where you can plug into a wall outlet.