uNu Enerpak Vault 11000mAh Battery Pack

**Item: **uNu Enerpak Vault 11000mAh Battery Pack
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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This is way too difficult V_V

Calories are 1690, number of stars is 11, and number of wings is 4. So 1701^4 = 8371769346801 but that doesn’t work =/

2010 for calories?

It says 20 ounce, the 24 ounce has 2010 calories while the 20 ounce has 1690 calories.

Nevertheless, 16682658282481 doesn’t work either.

Not much of a deal… I found at least 2 other sites with the same price…and free shipping

Newegg is one of them.

Where did you find the calories for the 20oz? It’s not on their nutritional chart, and I haven’t been able to find anything but the 24oz.

This is where I found it.


Coldstone has a 24 oz shake, not 20 oz.

They have a 16 (Like It), 20 (Love It), and 24 (Gotta Have It) ounce size.

Something is broke. You put in the correct information and all you get is “hmmm…we can’t find that”.

Number of stars is 8, isn’t it?


Got it, the answer was 5352009260481.


But it is sold out :frowning:

I am so confused about the instructions. Do you take on the answer at the end of the URL or replace the last section of the URL with the answer?

The painting features the moon, not the sun. Starry “Night”.

…except one element is the Moon, not the Sun.

I wonder where 1510 came from. Many places list 2010

lists 1690 for 10 oz which would make 3380 for 20

Right, that was the last place I found. I tried both 1690 and 3380, even though 3380 was more than the 2010 give somewhere for the 24oz. Must be different years’ versions of the shake and people with better Google skills (or maybe they used Bing?)