uNu Exera Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

From the images shown, and description box, is it correct to assume that the UNU Exera for Iphone 4/4s is the complete system of both the charging case, and the duo battery charging adapter?

Because they do offer the charging case (only one battery) withOUT the cord (which comes with 2 more batteries)

Under specs it seems like you are only getting the case…

I only ask because without the 2 extra batteries and special charging adapter cord, then I would rather purchase the complete system on the main amazon website, while a little bit more expensive, I would at least get it right away.

This includes the case, charging dock and 3 total batteries. We’ll get the sale updated soon, too.

I apologize and do not intend to “beat a dead horse”…
but I got an email from Customer Suport stating :


Upon checking the order details, I see that you will only receive the case.

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So I logged on to cancel my order, but only to see your message and the updated listing. So I shall take your word for it (since it’s technically newer; the email I received was from 9 am), and leave my order as is.

I checked with the buyer who confirmed with the vendor. CS seems to be misinformed in this case. Sorry for the confusion.