uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

Too bad they’re not refurb or you’d have good odds at owning your old one again

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These are great. I have bought a Morphie and a off brand one on eBay. They come very handy while traveling and having to use your GPS. The price is pretty good too. Morphies are usually like 40 to 60 in the stores and doesn’t last longer than my off brand on. The only bad thing is they get very hot in use

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Which time zone? My guess is 6:34 Eastern time…when I’m most distracted :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one of these in a Woot-Off a while back for my iPhone 3G. It works very well–just as well as the much more expensive Mophie. It charges the phone to at least 75%, sometimes better than that. Well worth the price.

Thanks! Almost bought one. I’ll buy two of something else later to help move things along.

Anyone know what the weight is for this puppy? How much it will add to the existing weight of the phone?

I recently bought a durcell charger that i would use to charge my phone, but that only works if i remember it. this way i can have an extra battery that i dont have to remember.

Got one last time they were one woot.

I got a white and a black.

Black feels nice and rubberized, and the white is plastic, but it looks good.

They work as advertised, this is a great deal. SNATCH IT UP!

Or in 10 minutes when I need to go to meeting…

I bought this the last time it came up here on w00t. It’s working great for me. I don’t have to worry about my phone dying ever again!

The unu brand battery pack cases suck. These are actually knockoff’s of the maxboost battery pack cases. The 2 maxboost’s I have are still going strong, and it’s been near 6 months. Here are the maxboost on Amazon:

Black MaxBoost

White MaxBoost

I got this one from Amazon a while back. Lasted about a month. 30 pin connector came loose. It’s pretty nice other than that! Oh and it is freaking heavy!

That’s funny I bought two extra batteries and a wall charger for my Android for under 10 bucks on Ebay and I don’t have to worry about putting a big bulky case on my phone at all. I just pop it open and swap out the batteries which are small enough to carry around everywhere.

But I guess Apple is better because you get to send your phone in to the service center when the original battery dies.

Great design concept.

I bought this the last time it was on w00t. It adds about 50% to whatever your battery % is when you turn on the case. Nice tapered edges too.

Yeah, if you could update your meeting calendar that would help us out enormously. :smiley:

Gone now. Just congratulating those who bought one. I paid double the price on the “parent company” website and still think the case was worth it. It gives me about a 75% charge from dead, depending on if you’re using it while it is charging.