uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

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uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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4:06. When the next bag of crap will show up…

or your name isn’t sellbuyer92… err wait O.o

uhh… you owe ThunderThighs chocolate? that sounds better!

Sheesh! How about a 3g case???

Bought one of these 2 weeks ago, battery died after a week…nice looking case though…

So it looks like they have tons of these…

Going to give it a try, more for the case and mini usb connection than the extra battery life.

It’s moments like this where I figure I might as well have my next phone be an iPhone. Apple may be horrible but at least you can get any accessory that you can dream of for them.

I would absolutely NOT recommend one of these. I have owned about five of these over the last year, and each has broken within the first month or so. Either the metal piece inside the case that accepts the charge will come loose and you will be unable to charge the phone because of that or the case will just stop taking charge for apparently no reason. On the bright side, I absolutely love these for the month or so that they actually work.

When you say “DIED” is that it lasted for a week or the case only worked for a week and then died…no longer was able to hold a charge?


Too bad they’re not refurb or you’d have good odds at owning your old one again

Other folks around here also like chocolate, just sayin’. :slight_smile:

These are great. I have bought a Morphie and a off brand one on eBay. They come very handy while traveling and having to use your GPS. The price is pretty good too. Morphies are usually like 40 to 60 in the stores and doesn’t last longer than my off brand on. The only bad thing is they get very hot in use

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What kind of deal can I strike with you for some chocolate, InkyCats???

Edit: I have made no current deal on the 4:06 thing. Just a prediction.


Which time zone? My guess is 6:34 Eastern time…when I’m most distracted :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one of these in a Woot-Off a while back for my iPhone 3G. It works very well–just as well as the much more expensive Mophie. It charges the phone to at least 75%, sometimes better than that. Well worth the price.