uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

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I ordered one of these during the last wootoff but it’s still “awaiting shipping.” If it’s as great as it says it is, it would have been really useful today!

woot charges tax now?

Uhm, you should have that by now. Please email service@woot.com so they can see what’s going on there.

I missed this during the last woot-off (by the time I clicked through with my payment it was sold out). There’s no way this’ll get here in time to use on my Hawaiian vacation next week, but I’m sure it’ll be handy in the future anyway!

I have this, got it for Xmas for about twice the price, which was good for that time. It works great. A bit clunky, but I feel the naked iPhone is too tiny and fragile in my man hands (don’t worry ladies, I moisturize), and this gives it a nice weight. The back design reflects the flash and can wash out shots, so take the top off (easy to do) to take flash photos. It holds more than one full iPhone battery life for sure. Oh Ive dropped it more times than I can remember, and I’m like the only person I know that doesn’t have a cracked screen.

One of the features says:

•Built-in Battery + Protective Case + Signal Problem Fix

What does it mean by signal problem fix??

my first time to post a comment.
Why? Because this Battery case well deserves it, I bought 3 last woot and I couldn’t be more satisfied, I wait til my phone battery is down to about 10% then I turn the case ON, it charges my phone to a 100%, it looks, feels and functions very nicely. I’m thinking to get 3 more as presents.

I just bought 3 more

You never heard of this issue with IPHONE 4 where Steve Jobs wouldn’t admit that there was a design flaw and instead insisted on saying that people didn’t know how to hold their phones correctly?

This explains it: http://ipod.about.com/od/iphonetroubleshooting/qt/Iphone-4-Antenna-Problems.htm

Apple is perfect. If there are issues with any of their products it’s obvious the consumer is too stupid to know how to use them.

this review on Amazon.com sold me 5 of these cases for my family, I am picking up another 3 for my friends… thanks woot for the great deal and flat $5.00 shipping.

The iPhone 4 has a known issue with the antenna. The internal antenna is attached to the outer ‘metal ring’ of the phone. This was intended to boost reception, but instead, when your hand touches the metal ring it ‘absorbs’ a certain amount of the cellular signal. This reduces the signal strength that makes it to the internal antenna itself.

Not all iPhone 4 users report this behavior, and this has been rectified in the iPhone 4S by means of adding an additional internal antenna. In the 4S there is (supposedly) an antenna in the top of the phone, and an antenna in the bottom. It (supposedly) checks both antennas and hops over to the one with better reception.

As far as the iPhone 4 goes, as part of a settlement; Apple is offering free ‘bumper’ style cases to any iPhone 4 with persistent reception issues.

I have two, and bought a 3rd after I used the two (as an emergency gift when I needed one) and they are solid. The White is slick and glossy, but the black is great and has a firm grippiness to it. I recommend the black. I got 2 more black tonight. One to replace the gift i gave, and the other to replace the one I drunkenly broke through beer and curiosity last week.

You don’t need to know how it works, just have it work…

Hey samesies. Everyday i get home i wonder to myself where it is. But alas i am also still awaiting shipping.

Depends on where you live. For some states (e.g., WA) that’s a ‘yes’.

I bought one last time offered and LOVE it! It adds a little weight, which I kinda like and the extra battery power is great. Just be sure to turn off the charging (little button in back until charging signal gone in battery indicator in front. When you get low battery warning, push button until charging. Hope this helps.

Please email service@woot.com so they can check on this.

These are fantastic cases for the price. I ordered two last time and will be getting a few more today. My family has three 4/4s phones, and we go to WDW every year. The signal at Disney is not great, and batteries go there to die. I expect this case to get us all through the long days without a problem.

I’ve not tried the white (and after hearing about it, won’t), but the black has an excellent feel, and the battery is surely roughly equivalent to that of the phone. I am very pleased with it, but with two (minor) nits to pick:

(1) the top of the case has a tiny tab on each side to help it lock into the bottom (so the sides don’t pull out). This will break in about a day. It’s no big deal. The sides of the top might flare out by a sixteenth of an inch.

(2) the LED charge indicators on the back can be seen from space. This could be handy if you need to signal the ISS for some reason, but if you charge your phone by your bed, you’ll either need to always keep it on its back or cover it with electrical tape.

Minor things. These are a steal at the price.

Will it work for an iPod touch?

I don’t have one, but I woudn’t think so. The iPod touch is a different size/shape from the iPhone 4/4s. I have both iPhones and an older iPhone 3GS which is similar in size to the iPod touch. The 3GS won’t fit in any of the 4/4s cases because the cases are too big and square.