uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

I bought the Unu (black) after a few weeks of use it stopped using it, it stopped charging and was therefore useless . I contacted woot and they first said they would refund , and then I got another email which said they would not refund my money and that i should contact Unu. Unu refused to refund … Dont buy it , woot nor Unu do not stand behind it and it seems to have a high probability of failure.

This is a really solid product, especially for the price. Basically doubles your battery life, and doubles as a protective case. Yes, the phone is a little thicker/heavier, but I’ll make that tradeoff for the increased battery life.

Got 2 of those from last time they were on Woot, having been using the white one since then… After accidentally dropped it on ground (not carpeted) several times, there was a crack on the left side where the two parts connect…not bad cuz there was no damage to my phone…

Besides the great extension of internal battery, the case also adds significant proportion of extra size, expect 2x thickness for 4s…

Got one of these last time. The top piece broke within a week. Protective my ass!

The day I got my iPhone, I bought the Lenmar branded version of this same case and thought it was a bargain at $34 at Fry’s. It’s been solid, having dropped it on the garage floor several times while juggling stuff out of my car. It more than doubles the daily battery time for me. And the phone looks pristine, even after almost a year. It does indeed make the iPhone feel more solid in your hand. I couldn’t be happier with it. I bought two here - one for my wife who’s getting her iPhone next month, and a spare for me if I drop it one time too often.

If you’re not waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 5, this is a good deal

If I want to buy 1 black case and 1 white case, do I have to make 2 seperate orders and pay shipping twice? Or…??

*Nevermind, figured it out. I’m a tard.

Yes, this works with an iPod Touch. I have the 4th Gen and it fits well. I leave the top section of the case off Though. If you leave it on, it’s difficult to reach your ‘sleep’ button.

Anyone using this on a white iphone 4s? Reading a lot of comments where cases don’t work properly with a white 4s - i.e. otterbox defender for example.

I bought one of these in the WOOT a few weeks ago and love it. I carry it everywhere now, and swap cases in a pinch. recommend.

The only problem I’ve found with this is it doesn’t ‘charge-through’ to your phone correctly. You have to remove the cover, charge it, and install it if you need it. Not sure how people get by with having it on all the time…unless mine is somehow defective. But otherwise, protects well and doubles battery life.

It charges the case first. When the case is fully charged (or after 90 minutes, whichever takes the longest) it then starts charging the phone. So if you charge your phone in the case at night, it’s not a problem.

i bought one about 6 weeks ago through Woot and initially was very happy with this battery case. though now the case does not charge to 100% and runs out of battery after fully charging. i am trying to figure out how to get a replacement

Sorry for the problems. This has a 1-year warranty through uNu Electronics. You should contact them for warranty service. If you have any problems among the way, feel free to contact service@woot for advice.

I figured for $20 its worth a chance. Any extra battery life at the $20 price point is a good deal in my book. I use my Iphone for everything and i was looking for a battery case.

I bought one months ago and use it every time I travel. After a day of using my iPhone, there usually isn’t a whole lot of battery power left for a plane trip home. This case has allowed me to double battery time. The only negative is that it will not stop trying to charge your iPhone once it reaches 100%. You have to remember to turn it off. It works best to deplete your iPhone battery to 20% or so and then turn it on (the little button on the back). I find it also charges a lot faster when a phone isn’t plugged in. That may seem like a “duh” but the difference is maybe 6 hours to charge both devices when attached compared to 1.5 hours when separated.

But for this price, I would highly recommend this. If I wasn’t planning on buying the iPhone 5 next month, I would buy another to have a spare. One of my favorite travel devices.

Its a shame that this isn’t the 2400mAh version. I would get that one in a heartbeat.

I bought one in may(ish) as well but mine has also broke on the side by the volume button. I LOVE the case but hate how it broke. Still use it but you can see how it’s broke and doesn’t line up right anymore. Is there a warrantee for that?

IPhone 5 will have a different shape and suppose to have a different connector so be aware of this

Why is this taking so long to ship? Damn, I’m getting impatient in my old age.