uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

Aren’t we all?

It can take up to 5 business days (not including the day of the sale) for orders to process and ship out. This is the 3rd business day so give it a couple more days.

In the meantime, let Cookie Monster do the finger strumming for you.

Where is my order? The status has been keeping “Awaiting Shipping” for over for a week.

That finger strumming Cookie Monster isn’t helping out much in delivering my Woot loot. It’s only making me hungry for milk and cookies. What’s a poor boy to do?

I got mine yesterday. It’s been charging for over 2½ hours, and still shows only 25-50%. The one light is solid, the second light is blinking, and the other two are dark.
My phone is already 100% charged. Does it always take this long for the first initial charge?

What is the deal here I got this to use on vacation and its not here yet!!!

WooT Help me please!!!



received mine today…

Mine still says awaiting shipping, I have never had a woot purchase take so long to ship.

Go ahead and email service@woot.com so they can look into it for you. Sorry for the delay.

My order also say awaiting shipping. Sent a message to service - got a canned response and nothing else.

Will this actually ship at some point?

Just got a couple in black and one in white. Is it just me or did they really screw up the design when it comes to using the camera flash (particularly horrible on the white)? Seems like something they should have tested, right? But, I tried both colors a few times after taking the phone in and out to make sure it was in properly and the white is unusable with the flash and the black just poor - taking the top off helps for the black but does not solve the problem with the white one. Anyone know if Woot will take back the white one or if the uNu will exchange the white for a black?

Got mine a couple days ago. Charged overnight as they suggest. Worked just fine except for one issue, it will not charge if the iPhone is in the case. Have been emailing back and forth with their support. Although I am guessing English is not their first language they have been helpful.

I believe they are sending me a replacement, I only hope I receive it before I go out of country next week.

Just curious, has anyone else been able to charge the case with the phone in the case? On mine the case just sits at 1 light and never charges. Tried with the phone on and fully off, no difference.

Got mine and it works fine only thing is that when I turn it off I get “Charging is not supported with this accessory”

Finally got my white case in and I think it is broken. Besides the fact that it makes the camera useless, it also kills the battery in my phone. With the case powered off and virtually no usage the battery in the phone died in 4hrs! I can normally get an entire 8hr day out of the battery with talking and texting and still have 25% battery life when I get home. Ok, so the battery in the phone dies and I turn the case on. Phone gets up to 44% charge and the case battery is now dead.

Am I doing something wrong here or do I have a defective unit? If its defective am I best to go to Woot for a replacement or Unu?

We recommend that you contact Unu first to see if they can help you with finding a replacement or helping you with your order. If you received any other further issues, please feel free to contact us at service@woot.com and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Woot Staff