uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case



I’ve bought this many times from woot. They are great.

I have got them as gifts and for myself and my wife.

They hold up well.

The black has a nice grippy texture and the white has a very slick and plasticy feel.

So I like the black better but if you like white then it won’t be a bad choice to pick it.

I got two and I mix and match the top piece and that adds some interesting flair.


Bought it two weeks ago in black for $35 from Amazon. Wish I’d waited but it works great for me. I didn’t notice antenna improvement but I’m in a decent coverage area anyway.


I purchased a white and black one from woot a few weeks ago. The black one definitely has a more comfortable feel You need to be careful snapping the top piece on as it is somewhat fragile. But so far they both are working well.


I bought one of these before on Woot. The build quality is good - it feels really solid when it’s on the phone - and the battery lasts for a long time. It does make the phone a fair deal heavier, but it isn’t as bulky as you’d think.


It sounds like some of you have this so I have the following question; do you still have to charge the iphone’s built-in battery too or do you just use a micro usb cable to charge both (built-in battery and this add on battery)? Also, how does the this work exactly; do you have to enable the extra battery in order for it to work or is it automatic? TIA.


The micro USB will charge both the case and the phone. By default, when you unplug the cable the case is on and immediately begins charging your phone. Basically, the phone acts like it’s plugged in. Once the case’s battery is dead, your phone starts using its own battery.

If you want, you can turn the case off (hold down the one button on it for a second or two), in which case the phone will use its own battery normally. You can hit the button to turn the case on again later. When you do so, it will charge the phone until the phone is full or the case is empty.


My boss was always borrowing (and only sometimes returning) people’s Apple chargers/USB cables in the office. I told him about this on a woot one day, he had someone order one and he stopped borrowing other people’s chargers. He even gave me mine back, lol. My sister and I just got the iPhone 4S yesterday, so this is perfect timing. We both said we wanted to get this case, so we’re both getting one.


Do these work for the iPod Touch?


I bought this (black) in a previous woot. The extra power is great - my iPhone 4 will last up to 2 days with light use now. It’s also very protective, which is important to a klutz like me, while being smaller than my Otter Box case. I’ve dropped my phone several times (fell from desk height) and no damage at all. The screen protector is nice too.


Purchased the white last time around. It hasn’t worked yet. Always same message on my 4s that this device is not supported. :-{


Im so close to buying this. I was just about to hit that second want it button then decided to come back here for some assistance from you fellow wooters.
The white case in particular, Its a glossy case. My experience with glossy slick cases is they immediately crack when dropped. How does this hold up? And how hard is the case to remove and put back on?
I have a white phone so the black cases look silly on it. White is the only one Id be able to get.


Actually, from the looks of it, this case would cover all (or almost all) of the white, so black would probably be an option. But then you’d have a black phone. shrug


I got the same message on mine, and here is the fix. When you unplug it from the micro USB, push and hold the button on the back for three seconds, to turn the case power off. When you push it again to turn it back on, it will work fine, and charge the phone. On a related note, the instructions recommend that you keep the power on the case turned off until the phone needs some charging, as the phone battery will deplete over time if it is always connected to a charging device. In other words, don’t turn on the case power until the phone battery needs to be charged, as that’s the whole point of this thing to begin with.


I bought the white one for my wife and a black one for myself. She dropped the white one just once, and it broke. On the positive side, it protected the phone, but the case itself is done. All this being said, twenty bucks to save the phone was probably worth it. The white one is slick compared to the black, which has a rubberized finish on it. Hope that helps.


I bought one last time around and am back for a second one for my husband. It’s especially great for traveling if you’re typically running several apps all day long - maps, Yelp, Chowhound, Pandora, etc. Reduces stress level as you see that battery level shrink before you can get back to a standard stationary charger.


I bought this at the beginning of August from Amazon. Piece snapped off the top section first time I dropped it (it slid out of my pocket from the seat of my car to the ground, so it was a drop from a height of less than two feet). Subsequent slips have cracked the corners of the top section, and it’s now in two pieces, soon to be in three, I’m sure.

It’s a great battery; I have no complaints there. But in my experience, the fear you’re expressing is definitely not unfounded: the white case is way too slippery and brittle.

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the colors looking odd (I think the white case looks fine on my black phone), and I would try the grippier black case. I’m about to give it a shot myself.


What’s about the weight and size of this thing? Does it make the iPhone unreasonably bulky? Any problems with fitting this into your pocket?


I just bought one. I just saw Groupon was selling this for 39.00. I need the additional battery time and couldn’t pass it up for the price!


WORTH EVERY PENNY! a couple of days after getting this over the summer, I dropped my phone in the lake with this cover on. I could see it at the bottom, screen on and white case. I thought it was a goner so I wasn’t even going in but my friend convinced me. So I jumped in and got it. The case protected it because it covers the connector! It never stopped working and I didn’t even do the dry out thing with rice in a bag.

I would go with black. The white one did crack when I dropped it another time (pretty clumsy here). My husband has black and it’s not as shiny and slick plus it feels sturdier. I don’t know that he has dropped it.

Charging is great. After charging at night, I unplug it then the trick is to turn off the charger until you need it later.

If I didn’t just get an iPhone 5 on Friday, I would be buying another one now. Telling all my friends about this one!