uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

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uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Anybody want to post a review for the people on the fence?

Got one of these last time. It is good in a pinch but keep in mind when the case is on, you can’t access the docking port for any other reason… Not long after I started using this, my battery life went downhill. I can’t say for certain if the case had anything to do with it but the phone was less than a year old. Who knows. Now I just keep it charged and in my Jeep. That way if I need a charge on the go, I slide my phone in the case. I will note that the case will hold a full charge for at least a month without being used. And it will give the phone a full battery charge from 10%.

I had bought four of these over the last year. They kept breaking. Either the connection spot where you plug the cord in would break or it would just stop charging after a month or two.

Have the black one and it works great. My son has one also and he is forever on the Internet and playing games on his phone without recharging all day. I read that the secret to this battery not killing the lifespan of your iPhone battery is to keep it turned off until your iPhone battery is almost fully depleted. Makes your phone a little heavy, but not a big deal to me. It has also protected my phone pretty well :slight_smile:

I bought one of these the last time they were offered. I figured for 19.95 why not it can’t hurt. Within three weeks I actually used my phone enough in a day to actually need it and I have to say I was impressed. I have no idea how long it will keep the phone going because I had plenty of juice left at the end of the day.

I do have a question for anyone who has one of these. Should these be charged as a matter of course every couple of months weather I use it or not or do they only want to be charged after it has been used and near empty?

I have several of these (various family members), and I think they’re well worth the $20.

They hold a charge well but not indefinitely when not used, so you can keep one in your car, etc., as long as you don’t leave it there for months on end.

They protect the phone well, and the battery is an added bonus. I’ve not noticed any reduction in signal strength.

Two things to be aware of: (1) the charging LEDs on the back are bright enough to outshine the sun, so keep that in mind if you’ll charge by your bed, and (2) the top has tiny micro-tabs to keep it snug against the bottom part - these will break immediately, and it really doesn’t matter, because they’re not all that important.

This case is not good for taking photos that need the flash. I have to take the top cover off and slide it out slightly just so the flash won’t overwhelm the picture. It seems to bounce off the white casing back at the phone.

Other than that, this case is great – I highly recommend it.

That is why I would stick with the black cases. It is just in time for my early christmas shopping.
Thanks woot for bringing up the deal again~

Agree with everything already said. Unfortunately my case won’t hold a charge anymore after about 4 months of usage. I am a heavy user and was using the battery almost every other day. It charges and can sync via the microUSB cable so you don’t have to remove it from the case, but I frequently did to prevent overcharging the case or wearing down the lifespan. Lots of good that did…

I did have to remove it from the case to take pictures but it does remove easily. Also, I am glad to see the price is back to normal tonight. $20 is not too bad for the peace of mind and battery backup and case protection it offers, I only wish it lasted longer.

That all being said, I am thinking of getting it again just because no other portable battery was as convenient or case offered as much protection. Unfortunately, it appears you should only get about 4 good usage months out of the battery based on my experience and those who wrote about it before me. If they fixed that part of these, the cases would be perfect.

Only use if your phone is 10% or less, otherwise normal battery life drops off to nothing. I recently purchased a Iphone 4s when the 5 came out due to the price change, and got this a week later. I thought initially ruined my battery, but after a full discharge no case, and then a full charge discharge it returned back to normal. I only use the case to charge from 10% or less, and it will take it to a full charger. Overall, great battery pack, great protection, but I can’t say for sure if it can/would destroy the battery if used always on/more than a 10% charge. Others might disagree, but i thought for a week i ruined a new phone.

Great case. Allows me to run a full marathon without worrying about running out of power. Light enough that I carry a spare in my pocket just on the chance that the phone and first case run out of power.

Anyone who use their iPhone for geolocating extended periods (for example, geocaching, zombie run, exercise, 4 square, etc) knows that will wear your battery out. Using Run Keeper for 4.5 hours is a true test of the system. And - it passes. I highly recommend the case.

I like the black case - feels good in my hand. The comments about the micro-usb connection being flimsy are correct - but I’m careful and so far have had no troubles.

I have the BoostCase, which to the naked eye is the exact same design. Got it last year for xmas and havent taken it off since.

I am a heavy user and can go through a whole day at work without touching the iPhone battery. I would even claim it lasts longer than the actual iPhone battery.

I also drop my phone constantly, after more drops than I can count, my phone has never taken a bit of damage, and just last month the case itself split where the shell is split in two. I am blown away it lasted this long. The case still works perfectly but falls apart if I take it off the phone (the top detachable part actually keeps it together!)I am going to superglue it back together and hope it lasts until the 5S comes out. If it doesn’t I would not hesitate to get another one, or even consider trying this brand out.

The flash does affect pictures taken while in the case regardless of the white or black model. Just slide your phone out to take flash pictures.

I just purchased an iPhone 4S and I bought a protective cover at the same time. If I purchase one of these uNu Battery Cases – could I just keep it for times when I’m out and about and the iPhone battery is running low? In other words, not maintain it on the phone full-time, but just for emergencies?

I’ve had one for nearly 6 months now (bought it off Woot a while ago) and absolutely love it.

Yeah there are a few nuances like not being able to regular charge your phone with it on and having to turn the unit off every time you put it on unless you’re charging right away, but hey, it’s totally worth it.

It has saved my butt several times from carrying around a dead phone. I use it as my regular case because it’s not too bulky and helps keep the edges safer than nothing.

I keep it at full charge, charge my phone every night, and just power the case off when I put it on every morning so it doesn’t keep charging the phone up. I only activate it when my battery gets below 10% and it boosts it back up to about 70% with usage between.

These would make great stocking stuffers. Hoping uNu comes out with an iPhone 5 before I get mine.

Yeah, that’s what I suggested to my friend who’s in love with his Otterbox but wants a spare battery. He’s getting one to keep in his truck and will only swap out when needed.

I don’t know what kind of “shelf life” the battery charge has, so I suggest if you do this and don’t use it for a month or so, bring it inside to recharge the case just to be sure it’s always ready.


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I agree with the positive comments. I love this case and very much appreciated how it doubled my battery life. Just remember to turn it off when you first plug the phone in if your phone is already charged(it assumes you want to charge when you plug it in).

I would gladly buy the same case for the iPhone 5 if it was available.

I’ve had my case for about two weeks. I like the feel that it gives my iPhone 4S. I purposely ran my iPhone battery down to 25% and then tested the charging capability of the uNu case. It had brought the iPhone battery back to a full charge when I checked on it about an hour later. One thing I’ve noticed is after charging overnight (when both batteries are fully charged) you will need to turn off the case battey after disconnecting from the charger. If not, the case battery will stay on. I don’t see this as a problem. Just check the battery icon on your iPhone and make sure the charging symbol is not displayed. If it is, turn off the case battery until you need it. The manufacturer recommends that you use the case battery to charge your iPhone battery only after your iPhone battery is low or empty. The case battery can be left on all the time but it’s not recommended. I rarely take the time to write reviews, but this product delivers what it says it does. If it lasts a couple of years, it’ll be well worth the cost.