uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

Yes, it’s been seen before, including


Not sure if it was $19.99 then.

My daughter has been wanting a Mophie case for some time but the price has been an obstacle. Looks like this is worth trying.

The reviews (here) are generally pretty good even at list price…

But iPhone5

purchased 1 white. 4 months no prob. charging iPhone is the default, you need to push the charge button when finished charging. micro usb charge. i should have bought the black since it’s wedge shape makes it bigger than it is. overall, pretty happy with it.

Daily Steals has one of these today also. Different brand but higher capacity (2000 vs 1700 mah) also assorted colors, and lower price if I remember correctly. But if not would still work out cheaper as they ddont charge for shipping.
Sorry about no link but am on phone, it’s at dailystealsdotcom

This uNu case appears to be different than the one I bought on Woot a short time ago. The case itself is terrible, chintzy and the front piece would just fall off.
Plus, the battery just ate the one on my phone ~ couldn’t believe the battery life was significantly shorter!
Hope this one is better.

I bought two several months ago. My wife did not like it because it makes the phone heavier and ~15% larger (both thicker and longer-the extra battery requires room!).

I have been using mine and sent for the free belt case from Unu also. If you use your phone so much that you have to charge your phone once during the day, this will work for you too! It seems like EXCELLENT physical protection as a bonus.

I charge overnight, but you MUST turn off the extra battery after unplugging, or the extra battery will trickle charge your iPhone battery, causing it to lose its capacity I just wait till the iPhone battery is about 10%, and then use the Unu battery to recharge it. Then you have several more hours of iPhone battery once the second battery is depleted. Then they both charge overnight and you can repeat! If it works for a year, I will be pleased…

One downside is that you must remove the cover to access the 30 pin connector, either to sync or charge. It uses the micro USB that you have left over from your Blackberry days…

I purchased one a few weeks back when they had it. The case itself is OK. It is one that you would not want to be taking on/off on a daily basis because I do not think the top (slider) piece would hold up. But you can charge both the phone and case together. It does add a bit more size and weight to your pocket.
I bought the case primarily when I go out hunting/fishing/hiking, so I do not use it often but I did test it out. I let my iphone battery go down to about 14% battery charge left and then turned on the uNu case, which had a full charge. I was a bit disappointed when the charging stopped at 88% on my phone. With the iphone having a 1400Ma battery and the uNu supposedly having a 1700Ma, I thought I would get a full - 100% charge out of it!

It will still serve my purpose and i hope the battery pack just needs to be “conditioned” to get better performance.

That’s the Vaas 1900mAh case with battery. The only reviews I found were on Amazon, and they were not too good. Lots cheaper on the Daily Steals site and sold all over the cheap web places, but no other reviews.

Spend your money people! I purchased the matte black version on woot for $25 and my only regret is that I didn’t buy more. I just bought three. These little gens have saved my friends, co workers and managing partners. Similar items at target/ best buy are $70 to $80.

Got one back in the fall. It was OK, did its job. It took a couple of drops OK, but fell off a bedside table while charging (3 feet, maybe) and landed on the cable. That was enough to knock the charging port loose and prevent it from charging, rendering the battery-ness of the case unusable.

Probably an OK deal for $20. I don’t feel ripped off, but I don’t feel like it’s the best thing ever. Back to the Otter Box.

If you look at the picture closely, you can tell the front of the phone is above the case, and not protecting it well at all. The cases Woot has are great and protect very well.

eBay has them for $8.78 free shipping…
1900mA External Backup Battery Charger Case Black OR White For Iphone 4 4G 4S

Was ready to buy for $40 at Amazon. One question. Since they will not take 2 day delivery on this item, does anyone have a guess as to how long til delivery? Will it come in two weeks. (plane ride)

I’d pass on it. I purchased one of these the last time woot had it, and it stopped charging after 3 weeks. I’ve sent several support requests to uNu that have not been replied to.

I don’t understand all the negative feedback on this one.

I bought one a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it.

There is no better feeling in the world than getting the 20% warning mid day and remembering that you have a whole backup charge sitting in your hand.

If you’re a casual-light user that doesn’t need a backup, then this probably isn’t for you. It does add a little bulk, but actually I don’t mind that even like it a bit.

I bought a cheaper off brand one of these and it was complete crap.

Bought the unu and it’s perfect. Feels VERY solid. Phone locks in very tight (no wiggle in the case) and for $20 you just doubled the talk time of your phone.

If you are a heavy user and don’t mind a bit of extra bulk, grab this without thinking twice. Also I love the fact that my port on the phone is totally covered. I’ve always had issues with that part of the phone going south before anything else

how long was shipping time? thx

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unable to get a response from the manufacturer.

Please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and they’ll be glad to help you out.

Got one of these last time. Works great. The extra bulk isn’t too bad and ALMOST give you double the batter life. (Probably like 1 and 2/3 battery life)