uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

Bought one of these for $20 last time it was up. It does add a pretty significant amount of weight and size to the iPhone which just seems so slim without a cover. I dropped mine and because of the extra weight from the battery it ended up cracking the fragile upper piece of the cause. The white one is also pretty slippery, I’ve heard the black one is a bit tackier.

It’s great if you really need that extra battery, but became more a hassle than a convenience for me in the end.

I’ve never held an iPhone so this is confusing. Does this just give you the charging adapter (microUSB)? Would it double as a data connection too?

It does, you can hook it up to your computer via a micro USB and add music through that.

I have had 3 of these and they all broke, the company always agreed to replace them though.

I just got sick of sending them back to them.

If you do get one of these, never fully discharge it as I think that is what killed it.

Rut Row…Under $15 same thing:


(Actually 1900mah instead of 1700mah)
I’ve bought 4 of these for the family from Amazon and they work great.

Pretty sweet - thanks!

I got the black one last time, and it is just as slick as the white. It use to extend my time between recharges by 3-4 days, but now I think I get one day out of it before I’m on the Iphone battery.

I got mine recently (I think the last time they were on here for 20 bucks) and I’ve only used it a couple times, but I really like it. I like that the top slides off easily and I don’t have to take the whole thing off. I have a big audio cable in my car and that’s always the problem I have with cases: the audio jack hole isn’t big enough. This one, the top just slides off. It does add some heft, but I think my iphone without a case seems fragile and defenseless.

Bought this last time it was up. It significantly extends the battery life (w/ case, it has held a charge for four days with typical use), but as a previous Wooter mentioned, it is pretty bulky. I can’t comment on the data connectivity; haven’t tried.

Edit: dang, wootoff threads move fast. all the points in my post had already been addressed by the time i was done typing.

We loved ours during our Christmas travels, but don’t use them for everyday.

I bought one for myself and loved it so much I bought one for each of my children. They love it too. In fact one of my daughters never takes it off and uses it as a sleeve and extender.

I highly recommend this and especially at this price.

I have the black one so I ordered the white one today. I use it when I’m traveling and it works great!

I have used both the 1700 and 2400. They both work great after being fully discharged several times. I even sold my 1700 after I replaced it with the 2400 and the person who purchased my old one loved it. SUPER PRODUCT!!

BUTTERFINGERS! Perhaps you can attach a chain to it and your belt?