uNu iPhone 5 Battery Cases & More

Does this case effectively get rid of the need to have Lightning cables? Or does the case not have the ability to charge the Iphone battery when plugged in and charging?

If the DX’s for the 4s’ are any indication, it’ll charge the iPhone first, then the battery pack (or vice versa). The microUSB does charge them both.

It does charge both phone and battery case at same time… this case has great almost perfect reviews at Amazon…

"I finally got this case after almost three months of wait, they seemed to get a lot of inceptions from Apples with the licensing processes (got all the emails from them), but I decided to wait because I been using their DX Plus for my iPhone 4 (work phone) and it is working very well.
It has been only a week or so and I am very satisfied with this new DX case they have, here are the pros and cons:
Well made, comfortable matte black finishing and sleek
Fits iphone 5 very well
Cable charges case & phone at once
iPhone syncs OK with PC with case on
Good capacity

Adds bulk (I don’t mind, actually easier to hold)
Doesn’t use Apple cable
Reduces reception slightly
If you are looking for a quality product, this would be the one you are looking for"

I question the validity of those reviews. I realize this Woot was last year (when I purchased my uNu case) but I thought I would go ahead and register my feedback for posterity.

My first case quit taking a charge after a few months. uNu replaced it relatively quickly. The replacement case developed the same problem a few months later. This time uNu support went dark despite repeated attempts to get in touch with them. No response whatsoever.

If you look at the negative reviews on Amazon you’ll see a pretty consistent record of the devices dying after a few months and uNu support not responding. I won’t be purchasing any more uNu devices and will be sure to repeat this story the next time they peddle their junk on Woot.