uNu iPhone Battery Cases

What makes the Exera (white/silver) one worth 2x the other white one? Both seem to have the same features.

So I see how the ecopak case snaps onto my iphone 5, and I see how the battery snaps onto the case, but I’m not seeing any connection between the battery and the phone. Does this require carrying a usb to lightning cable around all the time?

You got it! Terrible design. My wife looked at it for 2 minutes before I packed it back in the box.

It looks like the $40 case has a replaceable battery.

I just have to tell you my husband and I got the 4S ones on Woot previously and we couldn’t be MORE thrilled! Seriously–the GREATEST invention! Our phones were constantly running out or dead by the end of the day every day…now we’re usually still at 100% at the end of the day! I just can’t believe it! Wish they weren’t sold out already–I want to get some backups! Excellent product! Keep them coming Woot! Get some more 4S’s! :slight_smile:

Don’t like it. I bought this primarily to protect my iPhone 4S and thought it would be ok to get this charging feature too. This case is pretty heavy and it’s cumbersome to place the iPhone in your pocket anymore. Again, my main focus was protect the phone, and now I don’t use this cover at all for that main purpose.

I got the 4S case because it looked sturdy and the battery seemed like a great idea, plus I like the red cover.
Turns the front is fragile and the parts don’t stay connected. The battery is meant to kick in when the phone battery gets low, but you actually have to switch backs to use it.
Wish I had returned it.

No lightning cable…no way! This product is too cumbersome! Too many wires( one necessary is unsupplied)

If you have a product requiring a lightning cable, it came with the cable. Last I heard, Apple hasn’t licensed out the rights for 3rd parties to manufacture the cable yet.