uNu U Didn't!

Got the smaller battery unit last time around. Works great and has been a real life saver on trips!

If the cable is not included… then put CABLE NOT INCLUDED right in the picture! I almost missed this point.

The Energizer XPal is the best I ever wooted. 8000 mAh Li-Po battery with 3 outputs.
A USB, 9-12v & a 16-19v for Laptops.Charges my Galaxy 2 about and as an example,
I have a 12v battery operated fan that will run on 8 “D” batteries for 24 hours, and will
do the same fan for about 16 hours. Gives my netbook at least 3 hours. I carry a Duracell 2oz 18mAh. That will charge inline to charging my phone.

What do you mean by the last line about the Duracell? What is that you are referring to?