UP 24 Activity Tracker

Slightly cheaper at staples. Any chance you will bring the price down a bit?

Maybe, except Staples is Out of Stock

Can this track how far it is to the refrigerator, and how many beers I’ve had?

But it’s orange!

My friend has one of these and loves it. She says it slips on and off easily and the Bluetooth connectivity is great. It monitors sleep and movement and the battery lasts close to 2 weeks with 1 charge. She bought hers on Groupon, which lists it for $49.99, so this is a great deal in comparison!

Does it work with windows phone? I’m looking for a fitbit replacement as their trackers don’t sync with their windows phone app.

Is this the same for cheaper?


thank you. Please advise.

Looks like a different version. That’s the UP. We’re selling the UP 24.

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