UP Jawbone Activity Trackers

I would get the Up24 but I am having a hard time choosing between persimmon and persmimmon.

I had an Up 24 and the push button ended up falling off. Up until that point it was working great (actually still did if you pushed the post that formerly held the button). It was still under the warranty but Jawbone was not supplying the 24 anymore so they “upgraded” me to the Up 2 (basically all the same features in a different format some not sure if a true upgrade). Their CS was great to deal with and I personally would recommend the Up 24 to those interested an activity/fitness trackers. No comment yet on the UP 2 as I only received it on Friday

I have a ton of experience with activity trackers. I bought the fitbit band two years ago and loved it until I started to get rashes from the material. Then I got a samsung watch 1st generation and I like it, but it is too bulky and can get uncomfortable. Then I got an Amazon band and it never should have been released, it was so glitchy, rarely synced as it should. While Amazon decided to let the users have them for an extra year sans subscription fee, it still is not worth it. Lastly, I bought the Up activity tracker in blue large from best buy for $29.99 on sale and it is the best activity tracker I have ever used.

sizing? how do you know what size you need?

Measure your wrist and then take a look at the Specs tab.
I have 6" wrists and would go with a medium.

This is a pretty good deal. Already have a black 1 from Groupon but like the color persimmon. Lost my mode button somewhere as it got tangled on my purse strap. Still works great tho since March 2015. I Wear it everyday!

Can anyone tell me which model this is?
I don’t know which of their models I need to select for support and software.

Is it model “#UP?”
The other models are #UP-2 or #UP-24… etc.
Thanks for any help, I’m new at this.

I’m not sure about a model number, as this is a discontinued model. You can contact Jawbone, here: jawbone.com/support/UP.