Up Mountain Switchel (6)

Up Mountain Switchel 6-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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Love me some Switchel!

great with a little Tito’s vodka.

First I’ve ever heard of switchel. Interesting…

Garrett from Up Mountain Switchel here, Little late to the party. Winedavid39,You guys know whats up! Thanks for the feedback. It is a classic American Heritage Beverage that is delicious beverage at heart but also goes really well with Vodka. Or bourbon. Or gin. or Rum. Y’all get the point! Cheers!

Hey Chipgreen, it is a classic drink with roots in the northeast. no pun intended. A nice refreshing ginger drink that Up Mountain does best, and woot has the best deal going. Give 'er a try. Cheers!

I was just reading something about switchel…trying to remember… I am intrigued…

CHEAPER on the Switchel site…$40 for a 6 pack…with free shipping…!!!..Is WOOT a rip off???


Those are 12oz, not 24oz. The 6 pack of 24oz is $55, once cent more than here. I didn’t see anything about free shipping, but I didn’t go through the whole purchase process.

What is the shelf life(opened and unopened)?

No Woot is not a rip off!! Woot is offering the best deal anywhere on the original 26oz Up Mountain Switchel. The pack you’re talking about is the 12 oz Up Mountain Switchel.

Great question mjmuna! The product has a two year shelf life unopened, and best if drank within 3 weeks after opening. Refrigerate after opening. Thanks!

Hey mommadeb1, I think you’ll really love it. “Ain’t nothin to it, but to do it!” (order from Woot that is)

Can I let this sit for a few weeks and make it “hard”? Like I do with my farmer’s market apple cider?

Satch69, that would be great right? One of our favorite things to do with fresh apple cider! No, its been brewed like a tea. It is however, perfect for free pouring your favorite spirit in immediately for max effect.