Up On The Laptops, Reindeer Pause

There are macs and there are PCs. Let’s play nice. :slight_smile:

What model year is Mac air 11in?

I’m currently writing this comment on that XPS17 shown. It’s a great laptop, though not for the faint of heart due to sheer size. I bought it almost two years ago now and it is still quite good, though I did upgrade to SSD several months ago. Since it has a 2nd hard drive bay it was a piece of cake, just mounted the original HDD in bay 2. The only thing is, it had a weird issue with the graphics card early on that made it default to integrated graphics for basically everything that I wanted my discrete card defaulted to, but that was an NVidia setting. Maybe I’m biased after owning a PoS HP before it but I love this one.

Any thoughts on whether to pick up the Asus K53E-BBR19 or the Samsung NP305V5A-A09US? I know nothing about the different processors.

I own E530 Lenovo laptop and it is similar to E520. It is a solid laptop and I accidently sat on it and it didn’t crack at all. It is very solid unit and i would recommend it especially with keyboard scroller instead of the trackpad

Really, really watch your tracking on the delivery or else get it shipped for will call. My notice that woot had shipped it arrived less than 24 hours before delivery.

UPS claims they delivered my ASUS at 11:40 am. Friday. I was home an hour and a half later–no tablet, no signature required on delivery, no insurance, no recourse. I HATE UPS.

That HP Pavilion DV7-6B86US looks like a real steal for a desktop replacement. I also like Lenovos in general for their great engineering, not sexy but solid business PCs.

I wonder why a new HP computer for $700 only has a 90 day warranty.

According to Wikipedia, the MC968LL/A is classified as a “Mid 2011” computer.

can you play the game “Spore” on the Apple 11.6 MacBook Air … DOES IT HAVE ENOUGH SPEED AND MEMORY ??

GOOD CATCH! It’s a one year warranty. The sale page has been updated.

This HP is a good laptop except there are battery problems - I have two of these laptops and both batteries no longer hold a charge after 3 months. I am not sure if that was due to rough handling or just bad batteries. Also, there is a design flaw in the battery latch in that sometimes will brush against a dust bunny or something and simple fall out. Yes, the battery just simply falls out. So, yes, this makes a great desktop computer because you have to keep it plugged in. The battery latch problem was solved with a toothpick.

The Beats audio problem (which doesn’t bother me too much but other users might have concerns).

Hey I am looking at both the Dell for 700.00 and the Thinkpad for 545.00. I know nothing about computers, but need a replacement and would like something for school, videos, browsing… just basic stuff. Is there any justification to get the Dell? Also do you think starcraft 2 would work on these? thanks!

The thinkpad would probably be fine for the things you asked, though not for starcraft 2. The dell would handle starcraft 2 well enough, though still probably not at max settings. The reasons for the dell are 1) USB 3.0 ports, which if you want your machine to last a few years would be nice to have, and the thinkpad has none, 2) Bigger, better screen. Watching videos on the thing is very nice, I do it almost every day, and 3) As mentioned above, if you did want to play games, the thinkpad can’t do much since it has integrated graphics, not discrete, whereas the dell has a GeForce chip which will handle games admirably for a laptop(which is not a huge compliment but I’ve never had a complaint using it). It may, however, require a bit of troubleshooting, since mine shipped with strange settings which I had to alter to get it to run the game correctly, it wasn’t very involved and works great now.
Reason for the Thinkpad: Much more portable. I thought I wouldn’t mind a big laptop, I’m 6’3", but it does get a bit annoying when I’m carrying it daily in my bag as well as school notes and anything else that I need. That said, the dell has a battery that matches its size and even though it’s a big machine and draws a lot of power to run, it still lasted over 4 hours when I first purchased it, which in 2010 was impressive. It still lasts about 3 hours, two years later, and I haven’t replaced the original battery.

Does that justify the extra expense? Depends on how much you want to watch videos or if you really want to play any games. If you want games, get the dell. If you netflix all the time, probably get the dell(screen size is nice). If you’re mostly interested in a productivity and web browsing machine, might as well save the money and get the thinkpad, especially if you’re just going to get a new computer in 2 or 3 years anyway.

Thanks for your advice! It sounds like the Dell is worth the extra 150.00, and I hope to have this computer for 5+ years. It will be nice to play a couple games with friends as well. Went in for the Dell!

If you paid for your purchase with a credit/debit card that had a Visa, MC, Discover, or Amex logo you can dispute the charge (initiate a chargeback).

Either Woot will file a claim with UPS (UPS includes freight insurance when Woot pays for shipping) or UPS will pay you. Either way you at least get your $$. BTW if you file a chargeback the reason to use is “merchandise not received.” UPS & Woot will have to prove to YOUR satisfaction the product was delivered. They have the burden of proof on a card-not-present transaction.

Hope that helps

Has anyone seen a lower price on a macbook air?

I was almost going to buy this, then I remembered.

Maybe if you want it for yourself - but never ever buy a refurb as a gift from Woot. By the time you give it as a gift the warranty will be half over, and when the thing dies a day after the warranty is gone you are out your money.
I learned that lesson the hard way with a refurb TV I got as a Christmas gift, it just about caught fire too.

Be careful with the e520- I used to talk about how great they were, but mine barely lasted a year.

First time it died was a few months into owning it. Logic board and palm rest had to be replaced. Warranty people were friendly, so I was still relatively happy.

Then, just a couple months after it fell out of warranty, same parts go again. Tech support refuses to even talk to me since it’s now out of warranty, and a google search shows me that this is actually a common problem.