UP2U Height Adjustable Steel Frame Desk w/ Wheels

UP2U Height Adjustable Steel Frame Desk w/ Wheels

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Can we get a weight capacity on this please.

Hi there. From the Amazon listing: Weight Capacity: 30 lb. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MDKTXFS

I have this and love it. I use at a vacation home to set up a pop up office desk for myself or use for my table top art easel. Being that other people share the house it is great to be able to be put away- extremely sturdy even when extended as High as it can go - I am 6ft tall and works perfect as a sitting or standing desk.

There are a few drawbacks with the main one being when it is folded up there is no latch to keep it closed- amazing omission for something that is meant to be moved around. Also easily fixable with a wrap around Velcro strip. Next when you get be careful as mine had 3 or 4 super sharp metal pieces from production that were not chipped of or sanded off.

Overall I love it and will order a second one for my home.

I wish they had this in black