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Sorry Woot, you are probably going to get stuck with those toshiba externals… $10 more will buy you a Seagate Slim 500gb usb 3.0 external

So… I bought 2 of the logitech keyboards last time they popped up on tech woot, a few weeks ago. They “sold out”. When they came in the mail, 1 of them completely didnt work… After dealing with both logitech and woot, I got a 10 dollar refund because woot said that they were no longer available. And yet here they are… staring me in the face just in case I want to be charged an additional 5 bucks for what I should have already been sent.

Really Woot.com? Really? That’s #explicits#…

It’s likely that we were out of stock at that time. We buy enough inventory to sell out (in a perfect world) and then buy more. We don’t maintain an ongoing inventory.

Ok, well this isnt directed to you, (since I know you’re largely here to help/provide customer assistance and keep wooters happy, and i think you do a good job), but i find it very… frustrating… that the support rep wouldnt atleast ask if i’d like to wait for the next batch or that if I had procrastinated contacting customer support I might have gotten a replacement instead of a refund. >.> bleh. #endnerdrant

Kolme, I feel your pain, but put yourselves in their shoes? what if they offered that to you, but never got another batch? that would have put you in an even more disappointing situation…

This goes back to us not being a typical online retail store. We don’t carry inventory so we don’t replenish inventory. Yes, we will sometimes get more stuff in if we can get a good deal but we don’t know when/if that will happen.

It truly is day-to-day for our sales. We’re often placing POs for items to sell the next week. And moving sales at the last minute when things don’t get received in the warehouse on time.

There’s just no way for us to promise you future inventory since there may not be any.

My bet is that they already knew about the additional batch (Since I contacted them only 2 weeks ago). But who knows (as thunder point out, they do not apparently know when things will arrive)… My anger has semi subsided either way lol. Gotta learn to let the little stuff slide I suppose :confused:

(i need to shush cause im pretty sure i hijacked a perfectly good thread for these fine products.)

I had something similar happen to me. When they sent me a response email, they told me they didn’t have any to exchange despite a sale going on for that item. I just don’t understand how this works and I agree it’s frustrating.

Opps. I didn’t know they are selling router. hopefully, they will sell next time again.

I just bought one of these large print keyboards for my mom at our local Christmas Tree Shoppe for $2.99. Anyone in New England may want to check there before pulling the trigger. Was worth that but probably not $11.99 - was rather light and am nt sure how long the print on the keys will hold up.

Those Geneva speakers are really sweet! I’ve been craving a set for a long time. They sound awesome. Totally kill Bose in the sound department. Would literally die if woot had the L or XL models for over 50% off. Let’s get working on that deal woot!!!