Upgrades for the Family Truckster

Just sitting back waiting for the comments on the dual cig lighter power adapter to start flowing in.

Oh and the fun that usually accompanies any Pyle product.

Perhaps I am not imaginative enough, but where does one mount the four cameras in the Pyle Rearview Backup Camera System? I could see mounting one on the back of a trailer, but four backup cameras?

@Staff, stating the headrest screen resolution for monochromats, 1440x234, is very deceptive. How about verifying and fixing the specs to the honest trichromat specification - 480x234! After all, that’s what most of your customers actually see.

One for each wheel so you can see exactly what you just ran over. Squishy!

my new chevy silverado has 4. they actually turn when i turn my wheels.

Now I can go on a road trip!!

Re: Pyle PLSL5702

Picked these up the last time they were offered.

Excellent! Crisp highs and effortless, distortion-free sound.

With a sub they’d be awesome but alone they are way better than the original Ford speakers.

Pyle PL12V2AC Plug In Car 1 to 2 Cigarette Lighter Multiplier & Adjustable AC Voltage Transformer

Ok, this says AC transformer in the header, but DC in the body.

Someone (cough cough) has JUST blown the speakers on my 2002 Sienna, but I haven’t a clue what’s under that dash. Sure would be nice to pick up some cheap replacements and make SOMEONE (cough cough) spend an afternoon standing on their head, though.

there are two license-mount backup cameras in this list. anyone know why one is $20.00 and the other is 45.00?

If you are going to say that a new car stero system has a “retail” price of over $300, then it really should have XM/Sirrus built in too.

As far as the 1 to 2 adapter goes, it looks like a prop from Star Trek or Sex Trek…

Can you verify that this Pyle PLVWR1755 17.5" Flip Roof Mount Monitor with Wireless IR Transmitte has a built in dvd player. It says it does but the pictures dont show it.

Thanks for asking- apparently there is no DVD player so we took it down. Hopefully we can acquire one with a DVD player in the future!

Check the reviews for the adjustable headrest set w/ DVD players at Amazon . Mostly one star with the biggest problem being that it’s very inconsistent playing DVD’s. Too bad, seems like a pretty good price.

Once again, another item that will not be shipped to me… Now I have to go pay full price for a GPS… Thanks woot…

Apparently these do NOT come with screens! I ordered 2 of them and neither box had a screen for the Pyle Pro PLVWR1755 inside!