Upper Bounce Trampolines & Accessories

That picture looks like the spirit of that child ascending into heaven

What message does this noble angel have for us?

The trampoline pictured is clearly installed with a 30 degree tilt towards neighbor’s yard in the background. He’s trying to tell us to make sure the trampoline is level so you don’t suffer the same neck-snapping injury he did after being flung into the fence on his first bounce.

They used to be called jumpolines until your mom got on one. (I saw that on a t-shirt one time and loved it)

We got a giggle from your post. Thank you.

LOL, came here to say the same exact thing. That’s probably what happens to half the kids who get this item after landing on their head.

About the Real Actual Field Tests video for this trampoline… my 11 year old son would LOVE to work at Woot.

We did one on a different model!