Upper Bounce Trampolines & Accessories

Why is that kid floating and glowing? Who does he think he is, Jesus?

Just wanted to say that I am (and more to the point, my kids are) very happy with a 12’ trampoline I bought from this supplier here on Woot earlier this year.

Why only a 90 day warranty? Is that in addition to the 1 year manu warranty, or are these used or what?

Amazon has the 11ft for $355, but that’s with a 1 yr Upper Bounce warranty. I ordered and canceled when I noticed the discrepancy.

They are new and carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Sorry for the confusion. The sales are being fixed now.

Great! Thanks for the clarification.

The 8’ is cheaper at Home Depot for exact same item. Local return if I have a problem after free delivery to home. Umm, please sweeten the deal woot.