Upper Bounce Trampolines & Accessories

Perfect if you plan on inviting this guy over!

Crappy winter weather + stir crazy kids = money well spent on one of the smaller indoor trampolines. Seriously, you will thank me later. We have had one for a few years and it gets used at least 3-4 times a week when my daughter is cooped up and needs to get some energy out. We put out the trampoline and make a little obstacle course for her to run through the house (around living room, dining room, kitchen loop). It’s been a life-saver for us and our energetic kid.

In the 2 years we’ve had it (kid age 4-5) we have only had one pinched toe and no other injuries so unless you are getting this for a toddler I wouldn’t worry about the balance bar.

Are any of these sized for adults?

Confused…you have a 36" Mini Foldable and a 36" two-way Foldable. So is it a “mini” because it’s 36" and if so, why is the two-way foldable not considered a mini?

OR, is it mini Foldable vs. a 2-way Foldable and if so, what is the difference (in half vs in quarters?)

Also what’s the difference between a Rebounder and a Trampoline (since they are both being used)

Finally, anyone know how large are the safety pads that cover the spring ? Like if I buy a 36" trampoline / rebounder what is the actual jumping area diameter? is it more like 34"…32"…24"?

No matter what you’re into, get the tiedowns.

If you have or are getting one of the outdoor models get the tiedowns. These things are like big frisbees, get a good wind and it will either end up torqued out of round or worse, bent beyond repair.

What is a bounce board?

Looks like it’s a snowboard thingy for a trampoline.

Here’s a sample of a different brand:


I missed the deadline, is there any way to still complete my order? Desperate…