UPS Delivered to Wrong Address [resolved]

Hoping someone can help. I have e mailed customer service several times and still haven’t received a response.

Two days ago UPS delivered my order to the wrong address, clearly their picture shows a different house. I opened an investigation immediately but it was closed right away. When I called UPS they told me only the shipper can open the investigation because they used Amazon shipping and it is their policy with Amazon. I told them I did not order it from Amazon etc etc.

UPS admits fault but I am told they cannot do anything until Woot or Amazon contacts them. Now I’m stuck in a waiting limbo and cannot get any help.

I’ll ask CS to look into it.


CS received your Monday contact. Response time is 24-48 hours so please be patient when reaching out. Also, CS asks that you don’t continue to send more contacts as you run the risk of all being marked as duplicates.

All that said, you have an email from CS.

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