Ups didn’t deliver, fulfilled by amazon so they won’t track it

Bought something from Woot. It was shipped via UPS, shows it was delivered but it wasn’t. Ups proof of delivery is a “driver release”. Called ups and they said it was shipped from amazon so they won’t investigate any further (some kind of deal that amazon has with ups). Called amazon and they can’t track it because it was a Woot purchase. Wtf?!? Sent an email to Woot. What do I do now? Guess the ups driver got an Easter present.

Even got a notification on my amazon echo that it was delivered, since it’s tied into my amazon prime account. This is crazy.

I think all the Woot stuff shows as shipped by Amazon nowadays. You did the right thing by reaching out to Woot CS. They will write back soon, be sure to check any spam/promo folders for the email.

Another thing to do would be to check with any members of your household or neighbors that might have put the package up for safekeeping.

UPS drivers are hired on straight from hell, so it’s doubtful they celebrate Easter. (too much?)

(yeah, that was too much–I like my UPS driver) :smiley:


My local driver delivered a very expensive package to my neighbors house, signed for it himself, and drove away. Called UPS and they were able to pull a video of the delivery which included a description of the vehicles in the driveway. I immediately knew it was my neighbors house, they have a fancy Lexus, and retrieved my package from their front porch. I’m hopeful the driver was reprimanded.


Hi there. Yes, Amazon has created a nifty delivery system but hasn’t given outside parties a way to share/show tracking with customers. :\

Check in with Woot CS. I believe they can look up the tracking.

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@ThunderThighs When will WOOT be able to verify I am COVID clean and issue me a clean health certificate?

They will after you complete your mental health evaluation.

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Cool. I just took the test.

I see a butterfly. A flower. And my lover who has the face of my mother and the body of my dad.

I think I am all good.


We’re experimenting with self tests. It’s still in beta.

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That happened to me too except it was fedex.

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Where is the probably because I got coughed on at Ollie’s option?