Upsetting the Balance

Great watercolor effect!

Ochopika has managed to make fish cute. (The cat was a given.) Congrats!

Kitty, no! The waterbenders need their moon!

Lovely. And reminds me of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Siege of The North episodes, although this is a slightly more peaceful scene.

Baby Blue is a nice change. My cats always think they can catch the Koi. But it never seems to work out for them.

Just had my (second) koi pond excavated (the first one has some sort of predator in there that won’t let fish <3" live . . . )


And yet, gorgeous shirt. Congrats, Ochopika!!!

So delicate, just lovely.

How did cats come to love fish?
It’s really odd considering that cats descended from the African wildcat.

which didn’t live near the sea.

Blame the humans for feeding them fish in the first place.

Derp. I was thinking, I swear I have seen this shirt before. Then I remembered the derby theme.

I recognize that “it’s okay, I’m just looking” expression on the cat.

That is kind of fishy…

But there are fishes in rivers and lakes too.

This almost seems like a portal shirt. The white cat that’s vaguely shaped like a portal gun, the blue and orange fish making an oval… Ya, I’m just grasping at straws, but that’s what first popped into my mind.

Oh god…this is one of the rare occassions where I question my masculinity while wanting this shirt ._."

Is there something inherently feminine about cats, fish, water, or the color blue?


This is so beautiful, I have to get one for my Mom and one for me and one for the local spay-and-neauter-cat shelter’s upcoming Christmas sale!

Nice touch with the tiny pagoda!

Cat: I just want to pet them. Just pet. Honest.

Great job! I’m so glad yours won-you definitely deserved it!