Upstream Wines Chardonnay (6)

Upstream Wines Chardonnay 6-Pack
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2012 Upstream Chardonnay, Lodi
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Guys, I will be on the boards here later. Driving from Jersey to MA right now… Yes, lucky me…

Nice article containing more info on this offering:

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That about sums it up…

I do like unoaked chard. The price is nice, some of the better chard from the state comes from mild climate sites like carneros and sta. Lucia highlands. Never considered Lodi to have good chard. and I am curious about the vineyard location.

Tell me more,

If you do pick this up, I’ll take a bottle or two off your hands just to see what it’s like. Six; I don’t need or have room for.

Trying this from my phone. Lodi is now broken down into 7 sub AVA’s. So climate and soil is diverse. On this chard we leave a tiny amount of RS. Not to make it sweet but to give it a mid-palate feel. We leave plenty of acid on the finish. It also makes it one of the few chards you can get really cold and still taste…

While I would have loved to try a bottle I’m not buying a set. Maybe in a woot-off sometime.