Uptown Crap 8mj8jd8mjd8

Uptown Crap 8mj8jd8mjd8
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Thursday, May 25 to Friday, May 26) + transit
Condition: Musically Crappy


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Went downtown, but couldn’t find anything…

Reversed course, headed uptown, and found a BoC, thanks!!!

damn missed it :frowning:

Welcome To The Vestibule Of Patience

Like all vestibules, this is where you stand as you wait to be invited into the main space. Essentially it’s a waiting room for the Bag Of Crap and additional highly coveted products. You and many others are here because the servers are otherwise occupied. And let’s be honest: at this point, you’re probably not going to get anything. We’re sorry. The truth hurts.

But if you want to wait for that one-in-a-billion chance that things might go your way, we’re not gonna stop you. Because if (and that’s a great big if) you happen to be here when your stuff becomes available, you’ll instantly be moved to checkout and invited to buy said stuff.

Again, though, you shouldn’t bet the farm on it. Or even a small portion of the farm. The odds are overwhelmingly against you right now. You’d have to be Han Solo crossed with Rocky to win at this point. Seriously. You just read three whole paragraphs and the page didn’t even change. That should be telling you something…

Ive been looking for some uptown Crap. And I GOT IT!

That was a totel joke!!! are you kidding me.


just sitting here at the “Welcome To The Vestibule Of Patience” and then SOLD OUT… LOL

The part where thousands try to get a few BOCs so most don’t get one?

The Vestibule of Patience pooped on me.
Poop poop.
Poop, poop und poop.


The end.

not even three seconds

First time ever that I entered the vestibule of patience and came out holding cr****ap. Woot!

Congrats to the few who made the BOC cut! The VOP is unkind to me today.

Managed to sneak through the Vestibule!

Last Wooter to Woot:

It’s a joke whose punchline gets me every time!! :smiley:

VOP failed me again!! Hoping for the next one!

The vestibule of patience, not as fun as it sounds .

Plus One!!!