*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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This sort of reminds me of the bear hugs shirt on threadless (except with a completely different execution, obviously)- I don’t like the combination of photo and the cartoony pot, but mayne that’s just me :confused:

gratz print print

Gradients much? That looks like some intense printing.

i agree…cute, but not my thing

cute, but wrong color for me.

The bear’s pose is very awkward, but the texture on the fur is amazing. I wonder how this will print. I really like this guy’s gallery too, my friend has the roboto shirt. :slight_smile:

copywrited pic?

After surviving Bloody Tuesday at Target, I just might need to pick one of these up.

Grats on the print, philip!!! I love the bear… wish woot had left the trees in the background.

couldn’t see myself wearing it. :confused:

Yeah, the pot seems a bit out of place…

I already didn’t like the fact that Bill Watterson’s custom handwriting for the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was made into a font, and I loathe that said font was used for this shirt.

Um…cute bear? This just looks like a chop to me. So, no thanks. I do like your portfolio though.

refer to “this shirt tells the world”

i love the pooh bear style hunny pot but it doesn’t fit

They acknowledge it in the description this time.

Would have bought if it wasn’t yellow

Haha! Ok, what is Bloody Tuesday? Pardon my ignorance here.