Uranium: 92 Protons of Boom




*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Missed it again.

Cool shirt though.


dude sick shirt


In for one. I’m glad this one won! Congrats on the design and print!


damn you jakey!


Deciding if I want this or not… I’ll check back later today to see if it is still in stock.


really love the colours in this one, just not big on the concept. congrats on the derby win, though kdeuce


Awesome, I really liked this shirt and I’m so happy it won, congratulations on winning the favorite element derby! I love asphalt, and this orange/yellowish color on it just makes it so worth it! I love it! Glad it won, and I’m sure it will do very good.

First sucker? Weird, what is that? :wink:

Also, Jake is my name but Jakey is missing an L at the end. TheJakeyL… I got the nickname one night watching 13 Ghosts and one ghost was named The Jackal so everyone started calling me the Jakeyl because I spaz out like him all the time.


Huh. This one looks pretty sweet. I love Asphalt.


Congrats on yet another win kdeuce. :slight_smile:

Actually, you might not even get on the plane. There was a news article sometime back about a guy who couldn’t go on his plane because his shirt had a picture of Optimus Prime. And Optimus has a gun. YEAH. Dangerous stuff.

Cripes Jake, you are ridiculous. The streak continues! XP


Love the wear/don’t wear description.

Don’t wear this shirt to: Your next peace rally.


Hilarious write-up… and nice shirt. Congrats!


Awesome shirt! Finally a woot purchase that will get me on to the no fly list, guess I won’t have to change my name to Cat Stevens after all!


uhhh, it’s not the protons, it’s the NEUTRONS.


Love the design. It’s simple, but very retro in feel.

I feel like I should wear this shirt while I duck and cover.


in for 1.

very nice shirt


Awesome shirt. In for 1!


a) if it isn’t plutonium, then it isn’t worth a d*mn (like we make uranium bombs any more in the U.S. - Ha!)
b) At least they got the colors right although I have seen them with a purple border which, contrasted with yellow, is far more effective.


he is an unbeatable force of insanity