Urban Ice II



Where’s the option to buy it as a zip hoodie? As per the final image’s name hints to.


UI2: Judgement Day

So nice! I like how your Northern Lights shirt is kind of the evolutionary step between this and Urban Ice I…


Ooopsie. No hoodie. It’s being fixed.


I was just gonna ask, is there an Urban Ice 1 then? http://shirt.woot.com/offers/urban-ice

Interesting line play going on in there.


I love this shirt! Finally there’s a shirt for me, except that it left out rent control & cats. Otherwise, perfect.


I would be all over a hoodie for this one.


Does this mean there’s a hoodie in the making?


Not that I’m aware of. Might appear in a future Plus event of course.


That’s like the police officer telling the vigilante of how many security guards a bad guy has around him.


uuuummmmmm, what? I don’t get it, sorry.


As with all of my designs, this was made with about three levels of profound meaning, like Inception but for geniuses. Good luck!


A study in vector art! My favorite!




I am looking at the three images available. Why isn’t there one that shows the full design (other than the one showing it on the shirt).


Nice shirt. I will have to buy as it is probably the only way I will see a snowflake in Seattle.


I just installed my newest codebreaker in anticipation of this ICE. Perhaps I’ve been playing too much Netrunner…


Yeah, sorry, I like some of your other shirts, but I’m just too stupid to figure this one out. Sorry, even if I did know wtf you are trying to say, I wouldn’t want to explain it to everyone that asks me wtf does that shirt mean. Have a nice day, looking forward to more awesome designs.




Dude what’s to get? It’s an abstract city with snow flakes. It’s not like you have to explain 2 pop culture references that the viewer doesn’t recognize.