Urban Ice



http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

If you missed this tonight, you should get it tomorrow here


“Derby Chomp” LOL. Good one, Woot.


4th place? Interesting.


whoa neat, random. Congrats to fourth place :smiley: it looks abstract and neat.


YAAAAY! I wanted this shirt for my brother! =D


hmmm I like the design! It’s been a while since I last bought a woot shirt but this looks good!


My first woot shirt that I both like and didn’t sell out first.


Congrats Riff!



wow… to get one or not… such a hard decision and such a nice shirt…


This shirt is really cool, I’m surprised it came in fourth.




I like it. It’s got flava


Oh dear god, this is the shirt that I wanted! I LOVE this shirt!

Except I spent all my money on the LAST SHIRT! I didn’t even realize this was gonna come up!

I’m so angry right now. I guess I’ll have to wait until the reckoning.


See? Being up this late has it’s benefits. Also, you got to see the fourth place surprise first hand.


Really? After all that excitement… eh.

Not for me.


I don’t know.

I thought all snowflakes were unique. The ones on the shirt look pretty similar to me.


Hoorah for Riffy!

One has to wonder if they’d have been so magnanimous had two trees not won, but either way, it’s a much deserved placing. Woot hasn’t had a good abstract in a little while.


wow! Riff congrats on not only getting 4th but for being the surprise print! It’s cool to be you :slight_smile:


Kind of reminds me of the ice palace home of Superman