urBeats In-Ear Headphones for Android

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urBeats In-Ear Headphones for Android
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I have a pair of these that came with my HTC phone.
Here’s what I like/love about them.
+Great Bass. Good Treble. The mid ranges are a bit soft, but probably get over-powered due to the bass. But that isn’t a problem. The sound quality still sounds rich!
+Really decent passive sound isolation. I love using it when I mow the lawn.
+The toggles on the chord make it easy to control the music without having to fish out the music player.
+Build quality seems sturdy. I’ve had a many chord yanks and snags that almost rip my ear off, but so far they have held together - my ears and the earbuds.

For the price - I don’t think you could find a better deal.

Are these decent for using during workout? I see mixed things about the durability.

Any owners wanna tell if they are capable?

Too bad. I would really love to have in-line controls for my Android phone, but these look to have pretty good noise isolation - and that I don’t want. I want to be able to hear what’s going on around me when I’m walking. I guess I have to wait a bit longer, until something that sits less deep in the ear gets these controls.
Right now I’m using an ancient pair of Panasonic earbuds, with Bose tips that hold them in my ears. The Panasonics have a slider that works for volume control, as none of the button ones I’ve tried do. Someday all my desired features will end up in the same device…

Would these work on a Galaxy s4? Or just HTC phones?

I just received these last month from my brother for my birthday. :slight_smile:

Not sure about the S4, but these work great on my Galaxy Note 2. And I rooted my phone to have “next track” and “previous track” accessed when the volume is held up or down longer. The headphone controls work great! I can pause and play easily too!

And the fit is perfect for my tiny ears.

My only gripe is the material for the cord. These are definitely not tangle free. My other headphones (Skullcandy) have this wire mesh-like material which HARDLY tangles. But these headphones have like a rubbery material which makes it super hard to untangle when in a loop. :frowning:

But, other than that, these are great!

Anyone know if the volume controls work on a Nexus 5?

These are not the model for sale on the BB page. This model of urBeats are the ones that came with the HTC phones a few years back. That is why they don’t completely function with iOS products.

Source: I bought them last go around.

Yes, these are Beats branded. Yes, I know they have a reputation.

At this price point though, I feel this is FANTASTIC hardware. I have personally owned 2 pair of these headphones VIA my previous employer Sprint.

They have incredible bass response, so much to the point some may think it excessive. The mids are decent and the highs are … there. The sound feels very rounded and the ear bud design is fantastic for eliminating outside noise.

The buds themselves have good weight to them (one of my favorite instant ways to criticize a cheap item) and the cord length is sufficient for most anyone.

Overall, I would never pay $100 for these headphones. It would be a heavy contender in the price range and leave 90%+ of individuals who purchase them happy. I am glad to have owned both pairs and they treated me well for years.

I would not feel regret purchasing a 3rd pair.

Any pair with a so called stars name on them usually cost at LEAST twice as much as they are worth. You are paying a lot for the name. He’s not really a doctor.

Is the “b” large enough that everyone will know how stylish I am?



Try to keep up, the S4 is an Android phone. These work with ANY Android phone. So, yes, they will work with your S4.

These do not have a volume control, they have controls to skip forward or backward, pause/play, and pickup/hangup a call. These will work with your Nexus 5 as it is an Android phone.

I have these and have enjoyed them. I feel the sound is pretty well balanced, the bass doesn’t muddy up the mids or highs. While they will sound good with any phone, they are especially nice when paired with something like the HTC One with Beats Audio as the tuning is perfectly matched. The included tips are sized well enough that a good fit should be possible for most anyone. My only complaint might be that the cord is easily tangled but if you know how to wind your cord properly when storing, that shouldn’t be an issue.


Are these actually decent for the price? I’ve come to associate Beats products with “way too much bass” “crappy high levels” and “Selling out” so I really didn’t take a second look at these, but for the price, that’s really not bad.