urBeats In-Ear Headphones for Android

I have purchased two sets of these ear buds for my daughter. The quality is terrible, the first pair lost sound in one side within 2 weeks, the second pairs caused shocks in her ears. The issue is the poor quality of the cords. Also, there IS too much bass, a least for me.

Nothing about driver size, impedance, range, harmonic distortion levels… This sounds sketchy. Try the Shure S4A on the mothership for less and get better headphones. Beats are overpriced gear for poseurs.


Got this from last woot. They have “HTC” tag, so I believe they were part of HTC phone package that didn’t get sell (No box, so don’t get it if you are plant to sell these on Ebay).

works great with my Galaxy Note 2, but skip/back does not work. Only volume control.

Sounds are good, but not much difference from Yamaha ear set that I purchased 1/2 of the price at local computer store (minus volume control)

I bought the last Beats sale here, the Powerbeats, and they are not the ones you get in the store, absolutely no bass, this was the first time I bought from woot and the last. I dont know about other stuff, but beats headphones, DO NOT BUY FROM WOOT

I’m sorry to hear that there were complications with your previous order.
We’re you able to contact support@woot.com and find a resolve?

If not, please let us know what we’ll be glad to ping some CS Staff and help investigate the issue.

You’re right. Although, I bought it before your response… This item doesn’t come with the packaging and the next and previous button doesn’t work.

I have also seen many reviews that they are not that great if you will be using them as your workout headphones.