URGE 12,000mAh Portable Backup Battery Charger

  1. I see how the power goes out of this device, but how does it get in? Is there a USB port on the opposite end?

  2. Are any cables included?

  3. How big is it?

  1. If you look at the photo with the end view, you’ll see a micro USB connector in the middle marked “IN.” That’s where you refill it with electrons.

  2. “In the box” lists just the battery.

  3. The listing on the mothership says it’s 3.25"x5.5"x1"

Avoid this product, and I dare say any product produced by Urge! I purchased this backup battery a few months ago and just hours ago it exploded while it was charging and nearly caught my house on fire. I heard the explosion, and when I investigated, found the battery on the floor in flames and a roll of paper towels that was near it was also on fire. Wish I could post pictures here for proof! i want people to take this seriously, it could have been a really tragedy for me, fortunately I was home and became aware of the situation immediately. I don’t want this to happen to someone else and have a less fortunate outcome!