URGE 6000mAh Dual USB Powerbank - 2pk

Works alright, but the button functions are a little screwy. Purchased last time this woot ran, and the most frustrating thing is when the button on the side doesn’t seem to work. It works, but both of mine only work about 5% of the time. I thought the light was stuck on and had to wait for the battery to run out for it to turn off. Next time I charged it, it flipped on and off exactly like it was suppose to.

One other thing that is slightly annoying is the intensity of the power indicator LEDs. The brightness level is fine by daylight, but unnecessarily bright at night. Also, there is very little frosting on the cover, so I see spots for a while after checking the power level.

All around, the housing feels cheap and the battery feels awkwardly light, almost like they created the housing for a larger power cell.

Despite these annoyances, the batteries do work. Never tried to run them down; the annoyances cause me to use them as little as possible.

Solid 5/10. Gets the job done.