URGE Basics Bluetooth Speakers

Edwin Herbert Land, also known as one of the co-founders of the Polaroid Corporation.

Will this work with Itouch?

Is this the same one Walmart has?

These are bluetooth, so they should work with just about anything with BT, including iPod Touches.

I can’t speak for the smaller speakers, but the Soundbrick is awesome. I prefer it over my Jambox. At this price, I may try the smaller one.

Is there a noticeable lag in the audio/video?

I have the brick one from an earlier offering here.

Pros: very decent sound for the price, good battery life, solid build quality.

Cons: speakerphone function not so hot (on the other end - constant complaints), occasionally drops and re-connects during calls, status indicator LEDs are confusing and mostly useless.

Verdict: go for it, unless your primary use is for phone calls.

Also note that the power specs for the round one are identical to the brick (and it actually has a higher list price) so that one might be the deal here.

Those buttons on the side look really tiny.

IF there were such a thing as an “iTouch,” I’m sure it would work great! But for iPod touch, ABSOLUTELY works like a charm!!! XD

How many Watts does it have? Why do so many companies leave out the power output of products? (Not a question I need answered :slight_smile:
I assume its weak when they don’t list it. (Beware car chargers, most are too weak).

The “stereo” brick one I have from a previous sale is marked 1.5Wx2.

The round one is also spec’d here at 3W. Of course these numbers are relatively meaningless without understanding the amplification technology and distortion rates.

I can’t speak for the round one, but the small brick one has as much power as you’d want to put through little 1-inch drivers. If you’ve heard the Jambox of which this an obvious knockoff (and which does not publish power specs) you have an idea of what I mean.