Urge Bluetooth Keyboard Stand for iPad mini

Why are the majority of accessories such as keyboards for iPad mini?

I get excited when I see ‘iPad’ on there and then I see ‘mini’ and it kills all my joy.

Why Woot? Why?

Try being on the other side of that coin, having an mini and looking for cool accessories!

Thanks Woot!

Do you think this will fit an iPad Mini with a thin hard case on it like the Incipio Feather?

Metal construction is nice, and the price is right. The question is how the keys compare in size and spacing to a standard keyboard. I haven’t had good experiences with smaller netbooks, and this keyboard is smaller than theirs.

I’d love to use the Apple keyboard, but they seem to be so sensitive to spills that they flake out if you type the word “water” on them, and $70 is a lot to spend for something that disposable.

Ooh I got so excited when I saw these! Being an owner of a mini I just had to get one. Thanks woot for thinking of the mini folk :slight_smile:

Anybody actually have one of these? I tried to look up reviews, and only found folio-style ones, not the keyboard/stand.

I think if I could find one honest review I’d get at least one. I can’t even find one dishonest review.

It’s a pretty flimsy keyboard, typing is sloppier than using the touch screen keyboard. wish i didn’t purchase it.

Crappy keyboard. Feels like something I would have bought at a flea market. Not even worth the low Woot price. I had to open it up and stuff the back a little just so the keys would stay up properly while typing. Seriously, it’s like something out of a cracker jack box. Also, it seems like I have to re-connect it to my iPad in settings each time I turn it on. No fun.