Urraca Argentinian Red Blend (2)

Urraca “Langley Reserve” Argentinian Malbec/Merlot Blend 2-Pack
$58.99 $̶1̶2̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 54% off List Price
2007 Urraca Langley Familia Reserva, Mendoza Argentina
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A review, sounds intriguing:

[MOD EDIT: That reviews seems to review a different blend than today’s offering]

This wine seems to sell for around $40 a bottle. While $58 for two bottles is still a good deal, I am not sure where the original price of $128 for two bottles comes from. Maybe Woot used the average price from January to compute the value? It briefly jumped in price, but has been back down to the average $40 a bottle since March.


The blend cited in that review is different from the blend in the spec’s here.

These use the list price plus average tax and shipping from the winery/distributer to come up with the total list price. It’s somewhat misleading since it doesn’t reflect the street price that you would pay from a retailer.

2007 Urraca Familia Langley

Notes 90 min after opening.

Color: Purplish red with a bare hint of brown. The wine is opaque with some very fine sediment.

Him: fresh red currants and raspberry perhaps a hint of marinara sauce. A bit of stone and some vanilla or coffee. I sense some alcohol or other volatiles as well

Her: prosciutto, pear, dried fig and a little bit of coffee on the end. Perhaps some chocolate.

Him: There is a restaurant I know that serves a blueberry ketchup. This tastes like that. Bright tomato, hint of blueberry, some rice vinegar, a hint of apple cider vinegar that resolves into a hard apple cider finish.

Her: a rather strange combination of marinara sauce and raspberry chocolate. The nose is much more interesting and pleasing overall. Not a bad wine, but certainly not a sipping wine

Overall: This wine was not showing great without food. It doesn’t seem to be flawed, nor does it have any glaring deficiencies… It just isn’t that interesting or that good. This comes across as an experiment by a good winemaker rather than a well made wine.