Urraca Primera Argentinian Red

Urraca 2005 Primera Argentinian Red Blend 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $149.20) 60% off List Price
2005 Urraca Primera Reserva Malbec/Merlot Blend
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Anyone in SLO / 5 Cities want to split this? I’ll take either one bottle or two (prefer to take only the one). Not sure if I want to dive in for all three…

Despite the dearth of comments, I like these international Saturdays, just wish there was more winery/importer participation. However, there is way more info here than on the producers site.

Numbers look interesting, nice pH, and from the sales stats this is selling, nice price WD. The RP90 gives me pause as to style, and CT comments are, ahh, varied. Should I expect to detect the RS as a bit of sweetness? Has the staff tasted this to provide some focus here?

I am in Nipomo, is that close enough. I don’t know about this one yet though. Seems like a great deal, but not much talk on here yet. I’ll do some self research.

I’ve had real good luck with Malbecs from this region. I’ve just never paid this much for an Argentinian Malbec before. Have to think on this one.

Hi rjquillin, I may be able to help answer some questions about this wine. This is a reserve level wine, so it has a fair amount of new oak. The selection for the reserve is from the best lots and oldest vineyards on the property. Unlike less expensive versions malbec made in mass quantities, this small production, estate wine is dry. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Yeah, not sweet…

This is a big boy. Dark and full-bodied. Dark fruit, berries and sweet spice on the nose. Spicy dark cherry and blueberries on the palate with a nice weight and a savory acidity… looooong finish. Mendoza Malbec on Woot; gotta love it.

OK you two. A flyer for me, but I’m in.

Youl’ll like methinks…