Urraca Primera Argentinian Red

Urraca Primera Argentinian Red 3-Pack
$56.99 $̶1̶4̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 60% off List Price
2005 Urraca Primera Reserva Malbec/Merlot Blend
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RJQ or anyone who bought this last time…any notes? RJ…I know you have 2000 bottles but…could you open one like…now?

Either RJQ needs to update the CT tasting notes (and inventory tracking) or the entire wine.woot community and guests need to help drink through RJQ’s inventory. haha!

I see I’ve got this, but not where I ~put~ this…

Ok, tomorrow, I’ll look.

Love the interesting International offers on Satudays but they do lack that personal touch of fellow Wooter feedback we all love.

How about steak and eggs with this big boy for breakfast? That will give us east coasters some time to chew on your words of wisdom before the offer (and our day) ends.

Have the steak, have the eggs, but this still may not happen. It’s not like I’m so organized I can just go and pluck this one from x-y location like I can with some. It’s in “box” storage, which means I’m not sure which box or which location, here or off-site. So, in moving some of those unmarked cases here my back just informed me, in an all too less than subtle way, it is not at all happy with the manner in which I was moving those boxes. Guess I needed to do my morning warm up exercises first. I’ll see if it allows me to search further later on…

Sound like you need to urgently partake of the red nectar to ease
into the task!

Well, the coffee kicked in and I realized CT isn’t my most up-to-date source for locations. Stock, yes, locations, no; that would be the spreadsheet and it provided three possible locations; 271-12 101 or “?”. At least two may help out, and 101 contained the bottle!

Cracking this open provided one of the most intense and saturated bouquet and aromas of rich fruit I’ve experienced only two, or perhaps three times in my life. It so permeated the room, it instantly reminded me of some of the barrel rooms we visited.
And in keeping with my usual pics, both front and back are below.

I’ve not yet located box 271-12 and have no idea where “?” may be, but this really did smell so good…

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…I was compelled to replace the shattered bottle, but it’s bouquet will linger on…

But this is still a FAIL for tasting notes.

Boo… was that the only bottle damaged? Who is throwing around those boxes???

Thankfully only this one. Details in the pub. Think I should lobby to the wine gods for a replacement, just for my effort?

E for Effort. Thanks for trying!

Not even an A. You guys have way to high of standards for being a cheap crap outlet.

Bringing a whole new meaning to “cracking open a bottle”! If I hadn’t just received my two Geyser Peak reds today, I would have been in on this deal. WD, thanks for continuing to aim for great deals on small numbers of bottles!

I was using the citizenship grading system: E, S, N, U.

Just glad you didn’t cut your hand… glad it smelled nice…

Absolutely wonderful! Precisely why I went in for another set.