Ursa Vineyards Mixed Reds (4)

Ursa Vineyards Mixed Reds 4-Pack
$54.99 $95.00 42% off List Price
2008 Petite Sirah, Sierra Foothills, Thor Vineyard
2010 Syrah-Sirah Sierra Foothills Vineyards
2008 Tannat, Alta Mesa, Silvaspoons Vineyard
2007 Petite Sirah, Sierra Foothills Naggiar Vineyards
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Hey Wooters
Greg here from Ursa. This is a great selection of what we do best. These are all solid rocking wines. And a great deal. Give us a go. You will not be disappointed.

too bad they don’t ship to AZ

Sorry about that, wish we could. Come out to Cali and we will take care of you.

At slightly over $16/bottle it looks like a good deal. I like PS and Syrah, but not familiar with Tannat, except as a blending grape. Would definitely be in for the 2 PS and the S/PS, but need some more information about the Tannat. I get that Tann-at is typically quite Tann-ic, but I am having difficulty imagining Worcester and pork skin as wine. Can anyone offer notes on this or at least a little help on Tannat in general?

I have always enjoyed the petite sirahs from Ursa instabuy in for 3

Yeah for mixed sets, those are by far my favorite. But I’m not buying right now since I’m over capacity.

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We ever gonna see some of your Sierra Barbera?

And for those of us that purchased some of those earlier offers, could you speak to drinking windows for properly cellared bottles?

Tannat is one of those grape that can be very tannic. But we ferment this one whole berry and in small fermenters so we are able manage tannins and temperature to control extraction.I would say this 2008 vintage shows less of that pork skin/worcestershire and more like a smokey bacon much like you would find in Syrah it is also big on cherry fruit balanced with some Hungarian oak. This vintage is my favorite Tannat that we have produced so far and we have been producing Tannat since 2002.

The Barbera comes from a small vineyard that we lease. This year we should be in full production. So perhaps in a year or two.

Ursa makes very nice wines. My experience with previous vintages is that they’re on the austere side of PS – lots of structure, and they take a while to open up. My experience has been that URSA’s Vineyard Blend is ready first, followed by their PaSo Robles PS, and that the Sierra Foothills has been the most structured.

Great to see that they’re going more and more specific – both of these PSes are new to me, as they’re single-vineyard designate wines from vineyards I haven’t had before from anybody, let alone URSA. Really interested to do some horizontal and diagonal sampling with these and previous URSA offerings.

The price on these is so great that I am definitely in for 1, even though I don’t need more wine AT ALL, and I especially don’t need more PS.

(I guess this is how WD makes amends for my David Girard Mourvedre Vertical side deal order getting messed up!)

All of the 2007 Petites are drinking well. Personally I don’t like to age Petite over 10 years the structure holds up well but the fruit drops off too much for me. The 2007 Tannat is good to go I would drink that one up in the next year or so.
The 2008 Thor Vineyard Petite is still a little tight and could stand more aging. Its a big one.

For someone who is WAY OVERSTOCKED right now… I am teetering on the edge of the fence here… PS is my favorite right now and the Tannat sounds tempting! Never tried these… but… I WANT TO

Ouch. You used the word “Cali” and you are located here! Must have been a typo!

Seriously can’t buy until July at least, maybe August. I’m just hoping somebody will share these as I’ve wanted to taste Ursa for a while now.

Come on down!

We’ve had talks here about ‘dumb’ phases, and without looking but relying on my failing memory, I seem to recall some commenting PS can enter this phase at around 10-years, and then after additional bottle time, recover.

Thoughts anyone?

Over capacity? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. :wink:

What is this over capacity you speak of? You need to start thinking of it as your son’s inheritance and make room somehow!! :tongue: