Ursa Vineyards Mixed Reds (4)

Definition by Kent of the Dumb phase.

They enter the dumb phase between 10 & 15 years, so they could be in the sweet spot.

And as noted, let them breathe a while first. If they’re not breathing, give them mouth to mouth! :wink:

Especially the tannat. ibyron had one once that took days to open.

First of all it’s called self control.
Most sons or daughters when looking at an inheritance would prefer it in something like cash or a house not thousands of bottles of wine they may or may not like, that they would need to liquidate through auction or other method. So I buy for my wife and my personal consumption. Yes, I saw the cheeky tongue but am choosing to take it as a serious comment.

Interesting read. Thanks for posting that. Is this around the time you got on your PS kick? And what’s been your favorite 20+ year old PS you have tasted? I’ve only tried them young and am curious.

God, there have been so many good ones. Vincent Arroyo '86 and '87 were certainly up there. Now that I’m not buying them up anymore, go on winebid and see what you can find in the sub-$30 range (though there doesn’t appear to be much this week).

Maybe if you’re nice, Sparky will share some of his with you :slight_smile:

Man am I glad we don’t have kids. Wine and vacations!

You hold it long enough, it’s amazing what you can get. :wink:

Of course that was in Houston, oil money and for scholarships, but one can dream! :wink:

But then again. :tongue:

Yes intentionally. I do a lot of consulting work in AZ most folks there know were Cali is but many have never heard of California.

We had the '87 VA PS at the PSith gathering the night before Chicago #9 (You have to be over 20). It was sublime. More so the next morning!

We also had the following on Friday:

1982 Stags’ Leap Winery Petite Sirah (USA, California, Napa Valley)
1992 Schuetz Oles Petite Sirah Rattlesnake Acres (USA, California, Napa Valley)
1983 Inglenook Petite Sirah (USA, California, Napa Valley)

I think the Stags’ Leap was considered the wine of the night.

On Saturday, at the gathering, we also had a 1979 McDowell Petite Sirah (USA, California, Mendocino). Granted, it was at the tail end of a lot of great older cabs!

Too funny.